The Famous Taksim – Tünel Historic Tram, Istanbul

Yesterday evening and through the night, Fethiye had its first, long awaited, late summer rain. Heavy skies and humidity preceded it and we were grateful to wake up this morning to flat calm sea, views of the hills and, more importantly, a bit of fresh air.

We’re starting to wind down now after another hectic summer – we’ve still got family coming out to visit – but the October page on our calendar has gaps. Great big ones! We’re catching the odd sniff of daily routine, we’ve hit trekking / strolling weather (we had a lovely walk last week which we’ll tell you about in the next post) and we’ve hit our favourite time of year.

Historic Taksim Tünel Tram

An Istanbul icon – the Taksim Tünel historic tram

October is our favourite time of year in Turkey. The weather in Fethiye is perfect (for us) for strolling to the beach without baking under the sun and, further north, Istanbul gives us a taste of autumn.

The previous two Octobers have seen us in Istanbul for the Avrasya Maratonu (Eurasia Marathon) and we were hoping 2012 was going to be the same. Unfortunately, this year’s run has been put back to November and, as we were so cold last year, November just seems a bit late in the year. Our trip to Izmir took over, instead.

That means we’re pining for Istanbul, just a tad! We did get a flying visit to enjoy the Beyoğlu street food back in April, but 2013 is looking the more likely scenario for our next visit to our favourite city. 2013 until we can become frustrated, trying to dodge the oncoming crowds and the historic Taksim to Tünel tram of Istiklal Caddesi. 2013 until we can see the Bosphorus ferries criss-crossing the strait between the European and Asian shores. 2013 until we see Istanbul again.

BUT we have the rest of 2012 to make the most of and enjoy. We’ll wind up the summer in Fethiye and who knows what will happen? Last November, we found ourselves on the Datça Peninsula and that was never on the agenda. We’ll no doubt do some day trips in and around Fethiye with family… treks are planned…our blog’s happy 3rd birthday will also happen before the year is out…and we’ll just leave the rest to the unknown…

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  1. thst tram looks like fun. i enjoy your photos no matter where you go!

  2. . . nice photo, nicely ‘shopped’. One of these days we are going to be on the same street at the same time.

  3. Great photo – wish I could achieve something half as good as this.

  4. Ah, the end of of the Turkish summer. I remember it well. Great photo btw. We loved riding the tram.

  5. That is an awesome photo — I’m going to share that. Hope you have a pleasant surprise and get to Istanbul sooner than you expect. You never know…

  6. @ Jaz: Thank you. We’ve actually never been on the tram. We just take lots of photos of it. 🙂

    @ Alan: Not so much shopped as Picasa-ed. 😉

  7. @ BacktoBodrum: I used to very anti photo software but it’s getting to be good fun. Istanbul is a good practice ground. 😉

    @ Jack Scott: Is the end of the English summer as good as the end of the Turkish summer? 🙂

  8. @ Cathy Sweeney: Thanks very much and happy sharing. An unexpected trip to Istanbul would be a VERY pleasant surprise!! 😉

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