Alternative Boating On Fethiye Harbour – Fancy A Go?

Never a dull moment in Fethiye. We’ve got new restaurants galore with the likes of Shaka, a new town square and clock tower, phase 3 of the Fethiye harbour developments are underway, hotels are being extended, newly built and renovated…and now this. 

There we were yesterday, walking along the harbour, minding our own business. We were getting quite close to town when we noticed a smattering of people stood looking at the sea. This is nothing new in Fethiye; there are always crabs, turtles and mullet surfacing which make passers by stop in their tracks.

Remote Control Boats On Fethiye Harbour
A simple idea that might just work

But, as we got closer, we realised there was no sea life to be seen. No, what everyone was so engrossed with was little plastic boats bobbing around on the water. And we found ourselves joining the onlookers to watch the boats sailing around. We assumed someone would be stood on the harbour’s edge with a little remote control, entertaining themselves on a sunny Saturday afternoon. But then a break in the little crowd revealed these…
Remote Control Boats, Fethiye Harbour
We were tempted – reminiscent of childhood

…And the break in the crowd also revealed a familiar face that we hadn’t seen for some time. He came over to say hello and introduced us to his new venture. No shortage of entrepreneurial spirit in Turkey, it’s got to be said! Fethiye now has its very own mobile boating attraction.

We say mobile because this group of machines and their corresponding boats haven’t got a permanent home. They’re going to be along the harbour wherever it’s sunny and where the sea is calm. 1TL gets you two minutes of boaty fun and, as yesterday was such a still day (as you can see in the photos), children were clambering for a turn, parents were happy to fork out a lira…and we also saw a few (male) adults having a turn. Boys and toys!

This business doesn’t have a name yet (yesterday was only the second day of trading) but next time you’re in Fethiye and you need to entertain the kids – or yourself – just look out for the groups of curious onlookers. Go and join them, peer into the water and it’ll either be a turtle or your boats. Either way, it’s a bit of entertainment and another ‘to do’ to add to the list of things to do in Fethiye.

(For those who know Fethiye well, the ‘familiar face’ belongs to Öner, known to all as ‘Nigel’ – former owner of Ölüdeniz Lokanta, opposite the otogar). 



  1. love this – I’m a sucker for radio controlled aircraft and have two at the house. one has a wingspan of two metres and the other is a bit smaller but has a bigger engine and can use wheels or . . . floats 😀 I know, boys and their toys – heard it all before!

  2. @ Alan: Yes, and you’ve just show I was right with boys and their toys. We reckon this could be a bit of a winner in Fethiye. Something different for kids…and dads. 🙂

  3. I love harbours, and wish I had one on my doorstep, too! All the best for Christmas…

  4. @ Andrew Graeme Gould: Thanks and yes, we’re very lucky to have Fethiye harbour. 🙂 Have a great Christmas, yourself.

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