Christmas Gifts For Lovers Of Turkey

We’re racing through December, so it’s about time we thought about some Christmas shopping ideas – gifts for family and friends (or for yourself, of course) who are lovers of Turkey. While many of you may be organised and festive, we’re yet to put the tree up or even begin to think about gifts…until now. Here’s a few suggestions…

Perking The Pansies and Turkey the Raw Guide

A Jack Scott double bill. If you know someone who hasn’t read ‘Perking The Pansies – Jack and Liam Move To Turkey‘ yet, it’s a must. We wrote a book review for it back in April and even back then, Jack was hinting there was more to come. Well, part of that more-to-come has just been published in the form of an ebook. It’s called ‘Turkey The Raw Guide’ and it’s available for download now.

Kindle Fire
Nothing stands still for long in the world of technology. We were bought a Kindle as a Christmas present last year – parents are kind like that – and since then, different versions have come onto the market. The latest offering is the Kindle Fire which of course is the all-singing all-dancing version of the Kindle we own. Great, not just for reads while you’re in Turkey, but also for keeping up with online life – should you not be able to tear yourself away from it while in Turkey. You can even subscribe to Turkey’s For Life on Kindle.

Hit The Kitchen
Our favourite type of Christmas gift. It’s the thought, rather than your cash, that counts when you prepare food as a Christmas gift – and what better than turşu? Pickled vegetables are a staple in Turkey.

Turkish Pickles For Christmas
We’ve made our Christmas chutney and will be pickling this week. You can follow our chutney recipe and our pickled red cabbage recipe, put them in a pretty jar and there you have it, a perfect Christmas present for the pickle lover in your life.
Be Romantic – Book A Hotel
Experiences are really popular as gifts these days and our hotel search facility searches for the best prices for hotels all over the world, not just Turkey. Of course we’re biased and are going to suggest booking a hotel in Istanbul or Fethiye as a gift to impress, but you can take your pick…
Magazine Subscription
A gift that lasts throughout the year. If you can’t think of what to buy a friend or relative for Christmas and you’ve noticed them browsing through a particular magazine, buy them a 12 month subscription and they’ll love you for a year – hopefully. Maybe something to do with Turkey, Travel or Food?
A Gift For The Lover Of Turkish Coffee
If you, or someone you know, fell in love with Turkish coffee while in Turkey, why not buy them a cezve so they can make their own? If they don’t know how to prepare it, they can always follow our guide for how to make Turkish coffee.
View Last Year’s Christmas Gift Suggestions
There are loads of Turkish books – novels, travel guides, trekking guides, Turkish recipe books in our 2011 Top Turkish Christmas gifts. All of these and more are still available, they’ll make great Christmas gifts…and we don’t want to repeat ourselves. Click this link for more Turkish Christmas gifts.


  1. I know what I want for Christmas! Thank you

  2. Great gift ideas guys! I love giving food for the holidays! And of course, I’ve been doing lots of baking so guess what some people are getting? 😉

  3. I’ve been a bit lazy about Xmas presents so your ideas are very welcome.

  4. lovely ideas there Julia, must get those books; great reminder! and yes, how I wished to book a hotel in Fethiye now, hope soon :)

  5. @ Jack Scott: Good luck with your new book. :)

    @ Joy: Food is a great Christmas gift, especially in Turkey when the ingredients are so good.

  6. @ BacktoBodrum: We’ve been very lazy too. Going to get everything sorted this weekend. Already made turşu for some people. :)

    @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Hope you get to book a hotel in Fethiye, too. You should do a cookery course here! :)

  7. Great and nicely distilled list considering there is so much to choose from. We still have the rugs,the miniature mittens and the pumpkin dolls from the Christmas we spent in Turkey.

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