Fethiye – A Year In The Life Of…

Nothing much stands still for long in Fethiye, and 2012 seems to have proved that more so than ever. So far, we’ve looked back at our travel Turkey highlights of the year and our Turkish food highlights – so it only seems right that we concentrate on what’s stood out for us in the town we live in; our beloved Fethiye.


January’s the month for resolutions and fresh ideas and we decided to do a new series on the blog – Fethiye Photo Friday. Each Friday (okay, sometimes it was Saturday) we posted a photo from the local area and our first one was Fishing On The Harbour.


Fethiye - New Town Square & Park Area

It looks a bit different to this now

February was the month we realised big changes were afoot for Fethiye with the announcement of the regeneration of Uğur Mumcu Park and a new town square for the town. Cue construction. We entered Fethiye into the Foxnomad’s Best City to Visit 2012 competition and fared very well, losing in the semifinals to eventual winners, Sarajevo. And we took ourselves off to the local camel wrestling festival and tried out Fethiye’s new addition, Cadde Cafe.


Fethiye In Bloom

Fethiye’s tulips can’t fail to cheer up the cold March days.

After some atrocious weather caused a landslide up at the Sundial, massive reconstruction took place and we were amazed to see the rebirth of the Sundial. We revisited Fethiye’s Lycian rock tombs and March also saw the town awash with colour as we witnessed Fethiye in bloom.


April is the month Fethiye starts to gear up for the summer season; empty buildings along Phase 2 of Fethiye harbour were taken on and the construction of new restaurants commenced.


In May, we headed into town to salute the arrival of the amazing Tom Kelly who rode his pushbike all the way from Wigan, in the UK, to Fethiye. For Gençlik Bayram, Fethiye council pulled out all the stops for the youth concert and Turkish pop star, Hadise, came to town.

Turkish Singer Hadise In Fethiye

Hadise performing in Fethiye


Shaka Restaurant was amongst the new restaurants that opened along Fethiye harbour and we were all given a scary shake in the Öludeniz earthquake.

July & August

These two months are where our life is in full summer mode. Much of this summer was spent at Yacht Classic Hotel. Many of you were asking how to get to the Sundial Hotel, so we did our post on how to get to the Sundial under your own steam. July and August was also the time we explored a couple of Fethiye’s roof terrace bars at Cafe Geniş and Cafe Park Teras.


As if the new town square wasn’t enough, work also started in the centre of town on the long awaited restoration of Fethiye’s Telmessos Theatre.


Fethiye town square opened to the sight of dancing fountains and we witnessed the beginning of the torchlit Republic Day procession.

Kuleli Beach, Fethiye

Kuleli Koyu

The weather in October is perfect for trekking and strolling so we set off to enjoy the day at one of Fethiye’s bays, Kuleli Koyu. We also enjoyed two cello recitals that were part of the Fethiye Classical Music Festival.


Well, what can we say? November was when Fethiye flocked to the local cinema to watch the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, parts of which had been filmed along Çalış Beach. We revelled in its two minutes of fame.


We did say, right at the beginning of this post, nothing stands still for long in Fethiye. No sooner had the work on the new town square finished, the diggers, cranes and workmen shifted down the harbour. If you’re at all familiar with Fethiye, we are happy to report that work on Phase 3 of Fethiye harbour is fast progressing right at this very moment. Will it all be ready for the start of the season? Well, the first part of 2013 will tell us that…

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  1. When you say the diggers have shifted, are they now extending the promenade further towards Calis?

  2. Love, love your posts, photos from Fethiye, all year around!! it’s a pleasure to get to know you, and I hope we get to meet up in 2013 – happy new year!! 🙂

  3. @ Anonymous: Yes, they’re putting kerbstones, pavements and roads up to Akarca at the moment. Not a lot going on as yet even closer to Çalış where all the reeds were but we’ll see.

  4. @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Yes, hopefully we’ll get to meet up somewhere in 2013…maybe in Istanbul or in Fethiye. 🙂 Happy New Year to you, too.

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