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What is it about December that makes life take on such a hectic pace? We haven’t got all the fuss around Christmas here in Fethiye so we can’t use that as an excuse. No, Christmas here is easy. We even wrote about why we choose to spend Christmas in Fethiye.

These days, December for us is all about this site that you are reading right now. We have big changes coming up for 2013 and we’re currently at that meeting-ourselves-coming-back stage, trying to get ready for those changes. Whether we like it or not, December is a month of countdown…

Do You Use Google Chrome?
In preparation for 2013, we’ve also been making some little additions and we’ve (we = Barry) now created an easier way of finding us – if you use Google Chrome as your internet browser, that is (which most of our readers do).

Turkey's For Life Chrome Apps

Turkey’s For Life Chrome Apps

Above is a screenshot of a section of my Apps page when I’m in Google Chrome. To get to it, you simply open a new tab by clicking on the grey square at the top of your page. This opens a page where you can flip between ‘Apps’ and ‘Most Visited.’

There are all sorts of different apps you can get for Chrome – and most of them are free (as are both of our apps). Barry has tons of them for a variety of ridiculous things – but I only use a select few (as you can see above).

Our two new apps just make it simple to get to either the Turkey’s For Life homepage – or our hotel price search facility. You’ll just need to open a new tab in Chrome and our icons will be there waiting for you. Click on the one you want, and you’ll be with us in no time.

To install our brand new Chrome apps, click on the flags photos below and then choose “Add To Chrome” at the top-right. It would be great if you could leave us a nice little review there too :))

Homepage Chrome AppHotels Chrome App
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