2012 In Review – The Turkish Food Bit

In our last post, we looked back over the articles we wrote throughout 2012 about our travels in Turkey. Well for us, travel and food are intrinsically linked – we have been known to head for places just so we can sample a local delicacy.

So 2012 has also been a year of trying out new Turkish recipes for the first time; we’ve shared some of our tried and tested staple recipes; and we’ve made sure we’ve munched our way through as much Turkish street food as we can both on our travels and here in Fethiye. Let’s have a look at our Turkish foodie highlights of 2012.


Cinbal, Kayakoy, Turkey

Winter at Cin Bal – as good as summer

Usually associated with enjoying the cool shade of the vines in the summer months, we shared with you the alternative, winter side to Cin Bal in Kayaköy. A barbecue indoors? Well, why not? Click this link to read about Cin Bal: The Winter Experience. And, as for staying at home to cook for ourselves, January was the month we posted our Turkish recipe for biber dolması.


Camel Sandwich, Fethiye, Turkey

Camel sucuk at the camel wrestling

Cadde Cafe in Fethiye made it onto our blog; we posted a classic Turkish recipe for a broccoli meze and at the local camel wrestling festival, well what else would you treat yourself to but a camel sausage sandwich?


In March, we held our hands up and apologised to the Turkish simit for years of neglect and we rustled up a şehriyeli domates çorbası (tomato soup with vermicelli).


Spring was in the air and while we were enjoying a leisurely Turkish breakfast in Kayaköy, we were introduced to turp otu (wild radish leaves). Having taken our instructions from our Turkish friends, we posted a recipe for turp otu salatası. Oh, and we mustn’t forget the most impressive Konya etli ekmek we tried.


Tekirdag Kofte And Piyaz Plate

Tekirdağ Köftesi served with Antalya Usulü Piyaz

Did you try our Turkish recipe for Tekirdağ köftesi? There aren’t many Turkish dishes we love more than köfte with a side of Antalya usulü piyaz. May was also the month we posted about the opening of the newer version of Fethiye’s Yengen Burger, complete with outside seating…


In June, we climbed onto our soapbox in this month and declared our support for real chips!


Temperatures were on the rise so we posted a list of five meze dishes that would be perfect for serving at a summer barbecue. July was also the month where we had feast of food at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Kabak and we also experimented with black and white photography by posting some shots of Istanbul street food scenes. And we can’t ignore the scrumptious fest of a post we did about all the Italian food we ate whilst in Italy.



We shared a super sweet künefe

It’s a rare occasion that you’ll see desserts on this blog – our savoury teeth are firmly in place. However, while having a meal at Mozaik Bahçe in Fethiye, we were persuaded to sample a famous Turkish dessert. The Turkish classic, Künefe, was chosen…and we finished it. Fethiye’s Friday market was also given the space it deserves on our blog, too.


Well, September was when we hosted our special Turkish Food Week. We made mackerel soup, Hünkar Beğendi and another dessert saw the light of day on these pages in the form of a yoghurt cake. Whilst in Izmir, we also sampled a brand new Turkish street food, söğüş.


Çesme Kumru

Çeşme Kumrusu – had to be tried

And our trip to Izmir proved to be a bit of a street food fest. October was the month we posted about our first sampling of the Izmir region’s famous sandwich, Çeşme Kumrusu.


Well the big news in November (if you want to see it like that) was that Fethiye was now selling an Istanbul Taksim favourite; the ıslak hamburger. In Izmir, we stuffed our faces with a Turkish favourite, midye dolması (stuffed mussels) and we got healthy by making a broccoli and potato soup.


No foodie posts thus far in December but they are coming. Keep a look out for our upcoming posts on Turkish börek recipes and some party food ideas…and over the festive period, we’ll no doubt find ourselves grabbing something to eat en route to wherever. We’ll post about that, too. In the meantime, why not make yourself some festive mulled wine?

Have you cooked or eaten any of the foods we mentioned in this 2012 post? Let us know what you thought.

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  1. i think i made al of these! thank you for a year of wonderful recipes! i am so excited! we finally have a snow storm on the way!!!

  2. Great post guys! Thanks for sharing your wrap up. The Çeşme Kumrusu is definitely one of my favorites too!

  3. @ jaz: Hope all our Turkish recipes worked out okay for you and glad you got your festive snow. 🙂

  4. @ Joy: We daren’t have left Izmir and come back to Fethiye without having tried the Çeşme Kumrusu. Everyone would have been most angry with us. 🙂

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