Fethiye Marina In Photos – Capturing Reflection

It struck recently that, so far, in the year 2013, our posts about Fethiye have been about all the construction that’s going on. We’ve posted about the continuing work along the harbour between Fethiye and Çalış and, in our last post, we also got curious about building work being carried out at Kemal Hotel and Yacht Classic.

Fethiye Marina, Turkey

Well, lest you go thinking Fethiye is nothing but a building site right now, we thought we’d show a more serene side to the town. While we were on our way to take some photos of Yacht Classic Hotel’s new swimming pool areas, we stopped by the marina. Fethiye marina is a favourite winter haunt for the taking of photos.

Yachts At Fethiye Marina

We’ve posted winter photos of Fethiye marina in the past – but this time, the reflections were almost perfect because the weather, and therefore the sea, was so still. This one interested me because of the distant row of yachts and catamarans – their masts are perfectly reflected.

Fethiye Marina, Turkey

And this one? Well, we just like the scene. No other reason. It’s scenes like this that remind us why we’re lucky to be living in Fethiye – not that we ever forget…

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  1. Beautiful – this really is “süt liman”

  2. Just gorgeous photos guys! Makes me wish I were there too…though 12C in Istanbul is not too shabby for January. 🙂

  3. @ BacktoBodrum: And we’ve never heard anyone describe Fethiye marina like that. A lovely phrase. 🙂

  4. @ Joy: Thanks. It was a lovely day in Fethiye. A very mild winter we’re having in Turkey isn’t it.

  5. Bleedin’ marvelous!

  6. @ Jack Scott: Fethiye usually is. 😉

  7. brought sunshine to my day, lovely Fethiye marina:)

  8. @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: We all love a bit of sunshine in our day – especially the Fethiye sunshine. 🙂

  9. Well I am jalous! This morning in Montreal,it is -28 with a sky as blue as yours and very dry. Yesterday it was -22 and I walked for one hour dressed like mama bear. I enjoy always these tall big ship’s reflection in the sea.
    Suzanne and Mini

  10. @ Suzanne and Mini: Well at least you’ve got some blue skies and sunshine. Hope it warms up for you soon. 🙂

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. @ Jeane M: Do you know Fethiye? Hope you get to jump into one of those yachts soon. 🙂

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