Bülent’in Yeri – A Kayaköy Comfort Blanket

In a town that is constantly growing, changing, evolving; where new eateries regularly appear on the scene, tempting foodies with designer interiors and increasingly innovative menus, we also fully appreciate – and perhaps rely upon – the comforting presence of places like Bülent’in Yeri…

Bülent’in Yeri, Kayaköy

Because, like barbecue restaurant, Cin Bal, Bülent’in Yeri is part of Kayaköy’s fabric. As long as we’ve known Turkey and Fethiye, Bülent’in Yeri has sat at the side of the road in Kayaköy.  And it has barely changed one bit in all that time.

Bülent'in Yeri, Kayaköy

The familiar sight of Bülent’in Yeri

Okay, his sign has been updated once or twice. A bit of UPVC has entered the scene in the form of windows and ceiling cover…but that’s about it.

Sit at tables and chairs inside or lounge on the Ottoman seating – still undercover but in the fresh Kayaköy air.

Enjoy the geraniums and chilli plants that line the window ledges in their painted oil cans.

Bülent'in Yeri Interior

The no-nonsense interior of Bülent’in Yeri

Busy Sundays

On Sundays, Bülent’in Yeri, along with many other eateries in the area will be packed with customers enjoying a village breakfast or their famous gözleme.

Summer or winter, extra tables will be put out on the grassy area at the rear so that people can enjoy the outdoors. Nothing fancy.

You don’t come to Bülent’in Yeri for fancy or expensive.

Should you need the loo, that can be found in the small outhouse, also round the back of the main building. Take your pick from the traditional Turkish loo or the more familiar (to lots of us) sit down loo.

Don’t worry; they’re clearly labelled. Hands to be washed at the sink outside.

Familiarity At Bülent’in Yeri

So, why do we love Bülent’in Yeri so much? Because it’s a Kayaköy institution. Like we said, it feels like it’s always been there. It’s part of the furniture. A safety blanket that allows us to explore and enjoy the new, knowing we can return to the familiar.

In comparison, places like Izela Restaurant are new – and there are newer eateries besides. They’re all doing their thing and are worth your time – and taste buds – when their style is what you’re fancying.

And when you’re fancying a quality, traditional gözleme, Bülent’in Yeri is your place.

Bülent'in Yeri Gözleme

Mid-hike fuel at Bülent’in Yeri

Perfect Pitstop

Bülent’in Yeri is our reward place. So our visits there are always much anticipated.

Why the reward? Because if we hike from Fethiye to Kayaköy and then continue onward from Kayaköy over to Ölüdeniz, what better pitstop than patatesli kıymalı gözleme (minced meat and potato pastry) and a beer at the halfway point? Perfect fuel for the onward journey…

Gözleme served with Turkish pickled vegetables (turşu) – it’s essential.

Just not the same if the turşu isn’t there! In Fethiye, the Tuesday market, Sunday Çalış market and the Friday village market have various choices of pickles to eat with your gözleme.

At Bülent’in Yeri, you get a mixed selection served on a plate. It’s difficult to leave them well alone while you wait for your gözleme to arrive.

Turkish Pickles

What’s a gözleme without turşu?

Simple Menu

The menu at Bülent’in Yeri is a simple, laminated piece of card. Multiple pages aren’t necessary here.

Börek with various fillings, omelette, menemen, Turkish breakfast, real chips and also tahinli katmer (börek filled with tahini).

For the thirsty, çay, coffee, a limited selection of soft drinks, ayran. And you can also get a beer here, too.

Family Business

We just keep going back because it’s like dropping into someone’s home. When we rolled up one winter’s day, midweek, there was no one around. We assumed it was closed, but the door was unlocked so we entered.

Bülent’s family live just behind the eating area so our Turkish friend walked round the back shouting, “Merhaba.”

His wife – she who is responsible for the temptations of the gözleme – was just pegging out the washing and came through straight away to give us all a menu. She then stoked the fire up in preparation for making our lunch.

If you do go to Bülent’in Yeri, don’t expect atmospheric music. But do expect the television to be talking away to no one in particular in the background.

Friendly Faces

And, if Bülent serves you, you’ll recognise him straight away. An exceptionally warm, friendly, smiling face. He’s just got one of those faces that always looks contentedly happy. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we keep returning to Bülent’in Yeri again and again…

As well as the fabulous gözleme, too, of course.

Bülent’in Yeri, Kayaköy – Further Information

  • Bülent’in Yeri is open daily, all year round
  • The restaurant is on the main road that runs to Kayaköy from Hisarönü. It’s on the right hand side, opposite the entrance to the main church.
  • There are views over the ruins from the cafe.
  • Bülent’in Yeri is in the Kayaköy section of our Fethiye Eating And Drinking page.
  • For other strolls and hikes in the area, visit our dedicated page of walks around Fethiye.

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  1. I think this place is where we normally wait for a dolmus or taxi. Never been in, but probably will now thanks to your recommendation.

  2. @ Paul: Yes, that’s the one. It tells you about the dolmuş being every half hour on the dolmuş stop just across the road. Like we said, no frills but yummy. The chips are good, too. 🙂

  3. i would love to sit there and eat a gozleme!

  4. I’m sure this is the place we stopped to recharge our batteries before walking down to Olu back in 1989! Could it have been going that long? The lady in charge pointed at the TV which was showing “Roseanne”, then pointed to herself and said “Sister!”. They really did look a alike. Lovely place and lovely people.

  5. these extraordinary ordinary places are splendid.They do what they do well and as a result usually survive as the touristic same-alls come and go.

  6. I love little places like these in Turkey! And gözleme has become one of my stand-by snacks/breakfasts here. 🙂

  7. @ Jaz: Maybe you will be able to one of these days. 🙂

    @ Tony S: Your comments always give us a good laugh. Yes, Bülent’in Yeri has been going for an age and the lady who makes the gözleme (not sure if she’s Bülent’s wife) is about the same size as Roseanne. 🙂

  8. @ Alan: Yes, Bülent’in Yeri has sold gözleme for years and apart from the addition of windows and a few new tables and chairs, nothing’s changed.

    @ Joy: Yes, we’re spoiled in Turkey with places like this. We’ll never tire of gözleme. 🙂

  9. Our absolute favourite gozleme place- has been for over 14 years.
    Fresh apple juice is always lovely too
    Love love love this place

    • We can’t imagine anyone saying they don’t like Bülent’in Yeri, Jon. 🙂 Such a friendly place. Never tried the apple juice but will ask for it next time…it we’re not having a beer! 🙂

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