Along Fethiye Harbour – Kuzey Restaurant

As work continues along Phase 3 of Fethiye harbour, the businesses that have set up along Phase 2 are starting to take root and embed themselves in the hope the hope of becoming a permanent feature of the Fethiye scenery. Competition is tough – there are a lot of restaurants – but, especially at weekends, there are also a lot of people and the harbour is a happy place to be when the promenaders are out in numbers. 

Kuzey Restaurant, Fethiye, Turkey
Kuzey Restaurant
One of the new restaurants along Phase 2 is Kuzey, named after the toddler son of the owners. It’s not a restaurant in the same sense as near neighbour, Shaka, but more of a cafe-bar that stays open late. These guys are also on their own along this strip as they’re the only business so far that has set up opposite the new marina. They’ve got the restaurant and a small market right next door where passers by and boat owners can buy a few essentials.
Kuzey Restaurant, Fethiye Harbour
Menu boards and sitting outside Kuzey Restaurant by the new marina

We’ve only recently started to sit at Kuzey – and have only been a couple of times – but the family who are running it are very friendly. The reason it’s taken so long for us to get there is that over summer, there was a complete lack of shade. Such is the design of the buildings along the harbour – very stylish yet not very practical – each business has had to be inventive in creating a useful space in the form of seating areas, kitchen space, bar and WCs. Kuzey have done this in stages and have got their winter set up just right.

Outdoor seating lines the marina’s edge and, inside, for evenings and when the weather isn’t so good, there’s a traditional wood-burning soba. These things work! Inside, a toasty cosy atmosphere has been created.
Interior, Kuzey Restaurant, Fethiye
A soba warms the interior of Kuzey

We haven’t eaten at Kuzey, but we’ve seen food coming out for other customers and it’s only a matter of time before we do try it out. Simple grilled or sautéed seafood served with salad seems to be their speciality, but they have typical burger snacks, ekmek (sandwiches) and the like on the menu too. 

The next year or so is going to be interesting for Fethiye as a whole. There has been (and it’s still continuing of course) a lot of change, and 2013 is going to be the year where the new Phase 2 businesses that took much of 2012 setting themselves up, can take stock and see how how the land lies for them. Some are already established and very much on people’s Fethiye-harbour-radar. Others are just starting to push forward and make themselves known – and Kuzey’s winter, for example, has seen more customers than its opening summer. 

Our 2013 blog posts will continue to tell the story of Fethiye and we hope we’re still writing about many of the same businesses this time next year. So, stick around for our regular Fethiye updates as well as our tales of food and travel elsewhere in Turkey. And, for more food stops and watering holes in Fethiye, don’t forget we keep a list of where we’ve been on our Fethiye Eating & Drinking page.

View the location of Kuzey Restaurant on our map of Fethiye.

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