Fethiye Foodie Treats – A Meal At Shaka

Eating out in Fethiye: For us, this usually constitutes grabbing a quick kebab from Yengen or sitting down to eat a kuşbaşılı pide. If it’s within the budget, it’s good enough for us. 

And the thing is with Turkey, when it comes to these traditional (and often cheaper) foods, it’s almost a victim of its own success. It’s difficult to beat a plate of midye dolma (stuffed mussels) or a balık ekmek (battered whiting in a crusty cob). But Fethiye is changing all the time. Restaurants are upping their game and new ones are appearing all the time as streets are pedestrianised and the harbour stretches out towards Çalış.

We’ve decided it’s about time we started sampling some of these restaurants. Obviously, it’s not going to be a daily event! A one-off treat every now and then. But on the occasions we do venture into the world of ‘restaurant eating’ we’re going to write about the happy event here.

A Meal @ Shaka Restaurant, Fethiye Harbour

Last week was one such one-off treat when we took ourselves off to Shaka restaurant for a meal. Two main meals, that’s all, but they were two main meals worth eating!

Shaka Restaurant, Fethiye
Shaka appetiser

We didn’t order a starter but this board was brought out as an appetiser: warm, crusty wholemeal bread, topped with poppy seeds and sesame seeds and a side bowl of olives. The olives were in a chilli, kekik (thyme and oregano) and rosemary infused olive oil which also had a dash of (we think) nar ekşisi added. 

It all made for a perfect dip for the bread and we could have eaten much more of it…but then we wouldn’t have been able to eat our main meal.
Stuffed Calamari, Shaka Restaurant, Fethiye, Turkey
Shaka stuffed calamari

The menu at Shaka is packed with tempting choices, but I eventually plumped for the seafood-stuffed calamari. Always a nervous choice, because if calamari is overcooked, it becomes tasteless, bounces around your mouth and is akin to chewing a rubber bouncy ball rather than a  fruit of the sea.

Well, as we’re writing about it here, you’ve probably worked out that that was not the case. It was perfectly cooked. The filling oozed out over the fried potato slices and onto the plate, providing a perfect excuse to tear off a bit more of the bread to eat with the side salad and sauce. Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know the salad was dressed – this doesn’t happen everywhere in Fethiye, for some unknown reason…
Entrecôte Steak, Shaka Restaurant, Fethiye, Turkey
Shaka entrecote steak

As it is a rare occasion that we push the boat out and eat in a restaurant, Barry usually goes for a steak. He was just about to order the fillet steak and then noticed there was entrecôte on the menu. Very common in the UK but not so common in Turkey. Medium-rare entrecôte was ordered…

My, how things have changed in Fethiye. A slab of steak is not traditional Turkish cuisine and, only a few years ago, if you did find a restaurant serving steak, even if it was ordered rare, the tenderiser had smashed it to a couple of millimetres thick and it was grilled till the texture and colour resembled cardboard. 

No, that wasn’t the case here. The entrecôte, topped with grilled cherry tomatoes and pearl onions, was eaten with approval. The steak was served on a wooden board with vegetables and a side bowl of fries and onion rings – and while perfection would have been real chips, that’s purely a personal preference for us.

So, was our meal at Shaka worth splashing out on as a one-off treat? Yeah, ‘course it was. 

Shaka Restaurant – Further Information
  • Shaka is along Fethiye harbour. You can view it on our map of Fethiye.
  • To keep up with any special events or menu changes, you can like Shaka on Facebook.
  • We’ve forgotten exact prices for these two meals but they were between 30 and 35 TL per head. There are much cheaper options on the menu but we were splashing out for a change.
  • Shaka is on our Fethiye Eating and Drinking page, along with many other eateries.
  • And finally, evening winter lighting in good restaurants is designed for ambience rather than photography. We’ll do our best with the photos until such time as we can sit in the outdoor sunshine and take foodie shots in natural lighting and at our leisure.



  1. i can tell from the turkish blogs i follow that the food scene is indeed changing in turkey!i look forward to seeing more of your dining adventures!

  2. @ Jaz: Yes, we have a lot of traditional eateries in Fethiye – and long may they continue – but the restaurants that serve more international cuisine are getting better and better. 🙂

  3. Let’s start a campaign to get rid of French fries. Such a disappointment when the rest of the food is good.

  4. @ BacktoBodrum: Got to admit to having a bit of an obsession with real chips. Maybe they’re a lot of hassle for restaurants to serve but they are making a bit of a comeback in Fethiye. I had real fried potato with my calamari so no complaints from me. 🙂

  5. Julia, how come the two of you don’t weigh 300 pounds a piece ?? The food is wonderful!

    I love bread dipped in sauces and these small mezze plates. I could live on them alone.

  6. @ Miss Footloose: Ha ha, if I don’t go on a diet soon, I WILL weigh 300 ponds. 🙂 No seriously, this was a one-off treat and all the other Turkish food we eat, especially at home, is really healthy. Meze dishes are great. 🙂

  7. All these dishes look amazing Julia, it is refreshing to see other choices offered in Fethiye – Shaka is in my list 😉 x Ozlem

  8. @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Yeah, we’re great advocates of the Turkish food restaurants but it’s great that Fethiye now has other, quality, choices, too. We’ll wait for you and go to Shaka together. 🙂

  9. You made me hungry! It looks so delicious!

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