Travel Photo – Just Kaş

Have we ever met anyone who has walked through the streets of Kaş and not found them to be completely enchanting? Probably not. While the higher rise apartments climbing further and further up the surrounding hillsides might be a bit of a challenge to the visual senses for some, the town’s old alleyways around the harbour more than make up for that.

Streets Of Kaş, Turkey
Classic Kaş

After visiting the Antiphellos Theatre last week, we strolled around these streets, taking photos. Strangely, despite numerous previous visits here, our Kaş photo archives are low in numbers. I think when we’ve spent time here in the past, it must have been pre-digital camera days. Post-digital camera days have been flying visits to Kaş to go to the Greek island of Meis so we’ve never really had chance to wander aimlessly.
The photo above is the classic Kaş scene. Anyone who’s been here will probably have a similar photo in their repertoire – well, why wouldn’t the photographer be stopped in their tracks here? We’re in classic photo fodder territory here. To the left of the shot is the ancient Lycian sarcophagus, the King’s Tomb which the local carpet shop opposite uses as a prop to display their wares. Again, this attracts many a camera-wielding tourist as the scene seems to pop up in any guidebook about Turkey.
We’ve got more posts on Kaş coming up over the next few weeks – on this trip, we made sure the camera was kept very busy!


  1. Yep, got one but not in B&W though. Very arty! :-)

  2. All mine are pre-digital too. Luckily my husband has recorded the image of the tomb ın water-colour so I have a reminder of Kaş on my living room wall.

  3. . . got the t-shirt as well :-)

  4. Gorgeous! Unfortunately, we never made it down to Kas. :-(

  5. Absolutely love Kas and Kalkan area- we will miss this year, so I will rely on your lovely photos – keep them coming :)! Ozlem x

  6. @ Jack Scott: All our pics of Kaş are in colour. I just decided to play with this one to make it a bit different. Will save the colour ones for another post. :)

    @ BacktoBodrum: Clever husband. Think if either of us tried to do a water colour it wouldn’t resemble anything! :) We’re thinking of getting a scanner for all the old photos that we still have – those that are not lost!

  7. @ Alan: Think everyone has. :)

    @ Joy: Well isn’t that just the perfect excuse to add Kaş to your extensive travel list? :)

  8. @ Ozlem: Well, we’ve got lots more pictures of the Kaş and Kalkan areas coming up for you. :)

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