Eating In Fethiye – We Finally Made It To Cadde Cafe

Made In Fethiye, Turkey

There’s very much a Fethiye feel

*Update 2015 – This Cadde Cafe is no more. It is now a branch of Saliha Sultan Pastanesi…

The date was Monday 27th February 2012. We wrote about a having a drink at a new cafe that had opened in Fethiye and, in that post, said we were definitely going back soon to try some of the food. ‘Soon’ is relative. The date is Friday 19th July 2013 and we’re now going to tell you about how we did go back to that cafe for some food…at the beginning of June, 2013. There’s not a lot of urgency to our life in Fethiye, is there?

So anyway, that cafe was Cadde in the centre of Fethiye. Great views from the roof terrace, and, since we last wrote about it, they’ve taken over the whole building. There’s a lokanta on the bottom floor and a bar/restaurant upstairs on the middle floor – but we’re going right up to the top to sit on the roof.

A few months ago, we were up there just to have a drink again and looked on as some other customers ordered food. They asked for pizza and a salad and, as the waiter passed with the meals, we craned our necks to see what the dishes looked like. Interesting. Square pizza. Gimmick or not, it stuck in my mind ever since – and I wanted one.

Cadde Cafe, Fethiye, Turkey

The roof terrace at Cadde

If we take you back to the beginning of June, you may remember we wrote a post about a strange day for Beşkaza Meydanı. A protest had been organised, as had the Fethiyespor homecoming. We had no idea how it was all going to work out (it did work out) and were wandering aimlessly with our heads in a bit of a spin. We knew we wanted to be around but we had no idea about what to expect. “Do you know what? I’m feeling the need to try that square pizza.”

Strange what pops into your head in times of uncertainty and there were no objections from Barry so off we went. Drinks and food ordered, we sat and stared out at the view and I couldn’t have cared less whether the pizza was going to be gimmicky or not.

Cadde Cafe Square Pizza, Fethiye

Cadde square pizza – it works

But then the pizza arrived. Mexican Chicken. Homemade base, thin, crispy (I’m not a fan of deep pan bases), not too much cheese, lots of chicken, extra chillies (that I’d asked for)…If you like thin and crispy bases, Cadde does a good pizza!

And so to Barry’s late lunch. He wasn’t in a pizza mood and only wanted a snack so ordered the homemade cheese burger. We’re always wary of burgers, as you may remember from our rant about köfte some time ago, but it’s fair to say, things are improving – and these days, many of the burgers in Fethiye are indeed homemade.

Cadde Cafe Cheeseburger, Fethiye

Homemade cheeseburger served with wedges

As was this – you can see that in the photo. Wedges rather than fries are always a winner for us – it’s a personal thing – and while the bun was a ‘burger bun’, the filling in between the lightly toasted bread was more than satisfactory. Fresh, crispy lettuce, grilled tomato, fried onion, turşu, a sizeable homemade burger and topped with kaşar cheese. All very tasty and it set us up nicely for the rest of the afternoon and evening at Beşkaza Meydanı.

Cadde Cafe, Fethiye – Useful Information

  • Cadde Cafe is on Atatürk Caddesi in the centre of Fethiye, opposite the belediye bus stops. (View the location centred on our Map of Fethiye).
  • It’s open year round, daytime and evening
  • They have a full menu, including an ocakbaşı, as well as snacks. Prices are reasonable (our meals were 12TL each)
  • For more restaurants and bars around the area, visit our Fethiye Eating & Drinking page.

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  1. Hmm, that does look yummy to me : )
    Ozlem x

  2. @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Looking forward to going eating at Cadde Cafe again soon. 🙂

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