How Can We Not Love Kaş? A Few Photos

We’re taking you, the reader, all over the place at the moment, aren’t we? For our last post, we were up in Eskişehir, enjoying a brunch of köfte and the Turkish white bean salad piyaz. For today’s post…we’re bringing you right back down to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast for a little photo tour of the centre of Kaş. We’ve done numerous posts on Kaş in the past and why wouldn’t we? We love it here. Most recently, we were there in April to explore Antiphellos and Big Pebble Beach. We took a little drive around the mountain road for fabulous, unexpected views of Limanağzı and we also concentrated on the centre of Kaş.

Let’s go for a wander around our Kaş…

Shopping In Kaş, Turkey

Shopping In Kaş

Slowly, slowly, we’re filling in the pieces of the giant jigsaw that is Turkey. We’ll never be finished because Turkey is a constantly changing entity (that’s why we’re never bored) but our aim to be a useful resource that also centres around our random muses continues to take shape. We’ve got more posts lined up for this area of Lycian Turkey in the next few weeks but the centre of Kaş merits its own photo post.

Sitting right on the harbour is the picturesque old quarter of the town and at the top of the pedestrianised, cobbled street is the Kral Mezarı (the King’s Tomb).

King's Tomb, Kaş, Turkey

King’s Tomb, Kaş

Dating from the 4th Century BC (the same era as Fethiye’s Amyntas rock tomb), it’s a Lycian tomb that is these days used as a prop for displaying rugs from the carpet shop ,opposite. The tomb doesn’t seem to mind too much and it all makes for good photo opportunities. We took the alternative route and missed the carpets out on this occasion.

Houses of Kaş, Turkey

Evidence of a Greek past

The pastel-coloured and dark, stained wooden balconies line the streets; many with bougainvillea entwined around them. So pretty to walk amongst whilst doing window shopping in the shops below. (We’re not good shoppers – more amblers.)

Kaş Harbour, Turkey

Kaş Harbour

Down to the harbour, and these days, following the construction of a marina on the outskirts of the centre, it has a functional feel to it. This is not a bad thing. We like a working town and fishing boats, day trip boats, gülets, customs and Meis ferries all add a bit of maritime industry to what would otherwise feel like a sleepy village. And you’ve got to admit, the scene is hardly offensive to the eye, is it?

Central Square, Kaş, Turkey

The meydan in Kaş

Turn your back to the harbour to look inland and you are facing Kaş’s town square, surrounded by restaurants and centred by an ancient tree and a statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It’s not quite on the same scale as Fethiye’s recently completed Beşkaza Meydanı but it’s an impressive meeting place, nonetheless, for such a small town.

Noel Baba Cafe, Kaş, Turkey

Noel Baba Cafe, Kaş

And then just to the left of the central square is our favourite daytime place to sit and watch the world go by. At nights, we like to sit at a tiny little bar called Eski Ev, over on the opposite side of the square, but daytimes are reserved for Noel Baba Cafe. Views of the harbour, snacks, hot and cold drinks, beer of course, and seemingly, a central meeting point for the people of Kaş. We could sit here for hours…and sometimes, we do.

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  1. Just the best Turkey has to offer. Love it which made it the obvious choice for our honeymoon five years ago.

  2. indeed, how can you not love Kas, ben de cok seviyorum : ) thanks for bringing happy memories!:)

  3. Beautiful! Reminds me a bit of Kiyos on the Black Sea. I regret we never made it over to Kaş. Guess we liked Fethiye too much. You two were part of why. Nice photos, J.

  4. @ Jack Scott: Yeah, can just imagine Kaş is the perfect place for a honeymoon. 🙂

    @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: You’re welcome. Forgot you were such a Kaş fan. 🙂

  5. @ Mark D’Antoni: Aww, thanks. 😉 A shame you didn’t make it to Kaş but we’re reckoning you’ll be back to Turkey at some point. 🙂

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