Ancient Telmessos Theatre In Fethiye – A Little Progress Update

If you read this blog often, you’ll know that we’ve been keenly following the restoration of Fethiye’s ancient Telmessos Theatre. Last September marked the beginning of those restorations so, as we’re just a few days short of one year on, we thought we’d do a 12 month update.

Telmessos Theatre, Fethiye

Looks like we know the colour of the theatre

Because this is a two year project and things are starting to look most interesting. For the past few months, if you walked or drove by the site, you’d think not much had happened. Everything still looked pretty much the same as when we did the photo post where we scaled the perimeter walls of the theatre.

By March of this year, new stone blocks had been delivered and more of the original walls of the theatre had been excavated. Again, we went back to take photos of developments as we watched those working on the project begin recreating the past in Fethiye.

Telmessos Ancient Theatre, Fethiye

Waiting to be placed in their new home

It’s painstaking work as each of the huge stones that were delivered are chiselled. That’s been the only clue that work is actually continuing at the theatre. The scrub is starting to regrow over the cleared site and all looked abandoned. But if you walked past, close to the perimeter fencing, the tak, tak, tak of chisel against stone was clearly audible from behind the screened off area.

Fethiye Telmessos Theatre

And we eagerly await the completion

But now, one year on, the heavy machinery has once more reappeared – and look what’s happening with the new stone. There is now clearly visible progress rather than merely audible progress, and when you get up close and personal to Telmessos Theatre, you get a feeling that this is going to be a grand scene once she is complete.

People have mixed feelings about restoration of ancient sites – but this is one site, like the Patara ruins, where we feel restoration is for the better. The theatre was in a sorry state and now Fethiye can have its very own landmark concert venue. We recently showed the above photo on our Facebook page and it looks as though most people think the restoration is a good idea.

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  1. i am keenly following the progress on this project. i can’t wait to see the end result!

  2. It was in danger of disappearing completely. I don’t think it’s being restored though, more like re-built.

  3. @ Jaz: We’re looking forward to the end result too. 🙂

    @ BacktoBodrum: Same as in Patara. The bits that are there are being restored and then the rest of it is indeed being rebuilt…’restored’ to its former glory, let’s say. 🙂

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