Kalkan – One Day We’ll Get To Know You Better

There are many advantages to living in this area of Turkey: countless beautiful places to take off to for a day out is one of those advantages – and another, perhaps slightly more obscure advantage is visiting friends at work. While many of our friends work ridiculously long hours during the summer season, they also enjoy aesthetically pleasing surroundings…and we like to go and visit these friends occasionally to take in the surroundings.

A few months back, we took off to Kaş for the day to explore a bit more of the town. We enjoyed the views from the town’s ancient Antiphellos Theatre, visited Big Pebble Beach for the first time – and fell in love with it – and also did a circular drive through the surrounding hillside. On the way back to Fethiye, we decided to stop off in Kalkan to visit a friend at work – because we just happened to know, from their Facebook page, that the views from her office are pretty special! We wanted to see our friend, too, of course…

Kalkan Views From Lavanta

Looking out over the bay of Kalkan

…So we set off along the D400, back towards Fethiye, passing the junction that would have taken us down towards Kalkan harbour. A few hundred metres later, there’s a small turning to your right and the road climbs steeply uphill, winding up towards our friend’s office.

“Come in,” she said. “Go out and sit on the terrace.”

And why would you not want to go out and sit on the terrace? Look straight ahead and the views of the bay of Kalkan from here are just amazing. Look slightly to your right…

Looking Towards Patara From Kalkan, Turkey

Views of Patara Beach and the surrounding countryside

…and you can see all over the flat, greenhouse tomato-growing areas of Kumluova and beyond, out towards Patara Beach. And up here on the hill, it’s a chilled out, relaxed kind of life, not just for the residents and the people that work here…

Cat, Lavanta Kalkan, Turkey

The resident kitty

…but also for the four-legged residents, too. We have no idea if this cat was adopted by the place or if the cat adopted this place as its home (Turkish cats have a habit of doing that – we know from experience!) but it’s made itself comfortable, as have the little dogs that bounded over to greet us on arrival.

Kalkan, Turkey

Yet another snapshot of Kalkan

We did venture down into Kalkan to take a few photos but, as always with our outings to this little town, we didn’t quite get long enough. We were en route to Dalaman Airport to pick up a friend and by the time we got here, it was time to leave again. One day, one day, we’ll get to know Kalkan properly…one day…

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  1. Love, love Kalkan : ) Worth spending sometime in the village, I love the artistic side of Kalkan too; lots of art galleries supporting local art scene – such beautiful photos 🙂

  2. We’ve got an old friend in Kalkan at the moment and she is having a ball but then she is staying in an uber-exclusive boutique hotel. Lucky old her!

  3. Lovely! I love Kalkan too I did a blog post about it last year,it’s just so laid back and you get great exercise.

  4. I think that’s not Kumluova. I think it’s Yeşilkoy and Kınık.

  5. Those too John – but the map on Kumluova council’s website hopes to include themselves in that view too 🙂 http://www.kumluova.bel.tr/

  6. @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Yeah, we need to do a night or two there as we don’t really know the place, apart from walking around and plonking down at a bar. 🙂

    @ Jack Scott: If we stayed over in Kalkan, we’d be staying slightly cheaper accommodation I think! 😉

  7. @ Anne Mackle: Well, you can’t help but get good exercise in Kalkan, can you? Yeah, we need to get a feel for the atmosphere – we haven’t done, yet, really. 🙂

  8. Glad you didn’t find Kalkan as slippery as I did.

  9. @ BacktoBodrum: Ha ha, we have done in the past – although no serious injuries like yours! Just struggled getting the car up the hill to exit town. 🙂

  10. J and I started our love affair with Turkey in Kalkan more than 20 years ago – these places grow on you and, if you are not careful, take over your life. Ain’t it great!

  11. @ Alan: I think we’ll love Kalkan more when we’ve driven round the hills more. We’ve done it in the past but not in enough detail. Yeah, it is great. 🙂

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