Gelemiş, Pide & Patara Beach – Oh, And Some Ducks, Too

Mention Patara to anyone who knows Turkey and the immediate thought that springs to mind is ‘beach.’ Yes, there really is a most attractive beach – maybe even the most famous one in Turkey – but we’ll get to that in a moment. Because before you get to the beach, you pass through the village of Gelemiş and this is the place where you will stay should you fancy a little Patara break.

Before we set off to explore the Roman and Lycian ruins around the Tepecik Necropolis and the ancient Patara lighthouse we decided to have lunch in Gelemiş. We didn’t know anything about the village but that didn’t matter – it’s just a couple of streets, it’s quiet and peaceful and there are a few low key eateries serving the people visiting the area.

Corner Teras Restaurant, Gelemiş, Patara

Corner Teras Restaurant, Gelemiş

Pide seemed to be the dominant food on offer and you’re never going to get any complaints from us on that score. We just hoped whichever place we chose served up a good pide. We’ve become very picky about what we like – the perfect base, just the right amount of topping, not too oily, not too dry. After hovering in the street for a few minutes trying to decide where to go (and attracting the attention of just about every restaurant in the process) we plumped for the one that showed no interest in our presence; Corner Teras Restaurant.

Ducks, Corner Teras Restaurant, Gelemiş, Patara Beach

Reliving childhood, feeding the ducks

Well, it was shaded and they had a duck pond. If that’s there for enticing customers, it worked for us. We’re grown up like that. We sat at a table, perused the pide list and a young waiter appeared to take our order. Of course, we ordered kuşbaşılı pide – we always do. And we waited. First of all, the drinks arrived, along with meze plates of haydari and Antep Ezmesi. “These are for you,” he said. Great. 7 TL each for pide and we get meze, too!

Kuşbaşılı Pide, Gelemiş, Patara Beach

Kuşbaşılı pide at Corner Teras Restaurant, Gelemiş

And then the pide arrived. It seems we’re lucky in this part of Turkey because, fussy as we are, it’s difficult to get a bad pide. Barry rated this as one of the best he’d ever had. When Agent L Abroad came down from Istanbul to visit us in Fethiye she raved about the pide she’d ordered. Never had she had one so good in Istanbul. Lucky us, then, to have so many places where we can order pide with confidence…and we won’t be taking it for granted.

After chatting with our friendly young waiter while feeding the ducks (yes, we helped feed the ducks) we left for the ruins, appetites satisfied and content in the knowledge that there are some really pleasant young people in this world – a sure sign of growing older when we start to make comments on the personalities of Turkish youth!

Patara Beach, South West Turkey

A vast and almost deserted Patara Beach

And eventually, we did make it to the beach. This is our third and final blog post in this little Patara series and it’s the first time we’ve shown the famous beach. So snap happy was I as we explored the ruins, however, that the battery light started to flash. I seem to be making a habit of it these days. So here we have two photos of a world famous beach, quickly taken, bad lighting due to the position of the sun, no time to choose a better angle. Great!

Patara Beach, South West Turkey

Patara Beach

But you get the idea. If you’re a beach addict, you’ll see that Patara Beach is vast, the sand is soft and fine and it doesn’t get too crowded. A few beds and umbrellas and a reasonably priced beach bar selling drinks and snacks and that’s your lot. But we’re not beach addicts, so it was straight to the bar for much needed refreshments before heading off back down the cobbled road towards Gelemiş.

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  1. . . so nice when beautiful areas remain largely unspoilt by mass tourism – one of the banes of the world.

  2. I love the big aloe plants sticking out of the sand! Wishing I could be at the beach right now. And afiyet olsun!

  3. @ Alan: Well Patara certainly seems to hang on in there doesn’t it. People keep trying…we’ll see. 🙂

    @ Moe: There’s all sorts of plants in the sand at Patara. Proper sand dunes. We’re ready for another beach day soon, too. 🙂

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