Fethiye: Well Helloooo Autumn, What Took You So Long? Hoş Geldin!

Favourite time of year in Fethiye; autumn. Usually, at some point through September we’ll have some sort of downpour that clears the air and, even though it’s still hot weather, there’s a refreshing breeze and the air is clear. The downpour never came. Every day, the weather forecast displayed highs of 28 degrees, 29 degrees, and we wondered if the summer was ever going to end…

And then October came and it was as if the weather gods had decided to welcome in the new month with the arrival of the new season. As the sun went down, the lightening began to flash, heavy rain tumbled from the sky, the lodos winds whipped up the sea and the thunder cracked…and we stood in the window with grateful grins.

Fethiye, Turkey After The Storm

Cloud clearing over the hills of Karagözler

First of all the internet disappeared, quickly followed by the electricity. But we didn’t care. We went to bed and watched previously downloaded programmes on the laptop (using the battery, of course)…and the rain pelted on the roof. It’s a comforting winter-is-coming sound. We were soon fast asleep.

On waking this morning, the thunder and rain once again returned, Fethiye was engulfed in cloud and mist…and then you start to wonder if it’s ever going to stop. Well, we needed bread and it wasn’t going-to-the-shop weather.

Fethiye Morning Time, After Storm

Looking over towards 2. Karagözler 2 and the boatyard

But the rain did stop, and this is just the best time – as far as we’re concerned – to be in Fethiye. The sky clears, along with the humidity of summer, to reveal brilliant blue, and for a short time only, the clouds remain trapped in the hills above the Karagözler.

Fethiye After Storms

Looking towards Paspatur

And don’t fear. If you are due to fly out to Dalaman for a late summer break to Fethiye, the sun is shining again and the temperatures are still at sunbathing weather. It’s also much more suitable temperatures for enjoying our Fethiye must sees and dos without wilting. We’ve almost ached for this, and now we’ve got what many of us wanted…and these three photos are just to celebrate that fact. Now, let’s get on with (most of the time) sunny autumn…

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  1. Lovely to see the clouds hanging around the hills like that! I soaked up every ounce of sunshine I could last week in Istanbul. Just gorgeous weather! Temps back in Warsaw are around 10 C during the day and down to 0 at night. Brrrr!

  2. @ Joy: Wow, it’s a short-lived summer you get in Warsaw isn’t it? We’re back to lovely sunny weather in Fethiye now – loved the storm though. We really needed that. 🙂

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