Telmessos Theatre In Fethiye – Where We’re At In December 2013

It’s that time of year again where we all start to round things off, look back and reflect before looking forward to what’s ahead the following year. And it’s the same for this blog. We’ve got lots to tell you about before this year is out…but first, let’s do a final Fethiye Telmessos Theatre update for 2013.

We’ve been following developments at this ancient theatre since it was announced a restoration project had finally been given the go ahead. It all started way back in April of 2011 where we wrote about a glimmer of hope for Fethiye’s theatre – restoration had been mentioned. We don’t pay much heed to ‘mentions’ though. We know now not to anticipate things like this until they actually happen.

Fethiye Telmessos Theatre Restoration

The boulders are lifted into place by these winches

But it did happen – over a year later, granted, but it did happen. In September 2012, we wrote that restoration of Telmessos Theatre had started. The area had been sealed off and the road redirected.

In November 2012 we took photos of Telmessos theatre from above. We’re glad we did that – because that’s now our reminder of how things looked previously…and this is where we are, right now, in December 2013. The huge rock boulders have been painstakingly chiselled and, one by one, they’re being lifted into place.

Fethiye Theatre Restoration - December 2013

Telmessos Theatre taking shape

And Telmessos Theatre is now starting to take shape and become a feature of the Fethiye landscape. Yes, the stone looks new and neat, but this is one occasion where we don’t mind. This site was long neglected, the original stone had been taken away in years gone by (you can see where from in this photo) and now we’re getting something that will have a practical use.

Fethiye Telmessos Theatre Restoration

Fethiye Telmessos Theatre

We’re not saying we like the idea of this type of restoration for all theatres in Turkey – the ancient theatre at Knidos on near Datça has just been earmarked for restoration, also. A personal thing, but we loved the lonely, wild beauty of Knidos – so the jury’s out for that one. Let’s see…

But back to Fethiye and positives. This project is expected to be completed by September 2014 and we’re looking forward to the days when we can come here to watch live performances while overlooking the bay. And of course, we’ll be keeping you updated of progress throughout the months leading to that completion date. Watch this space…

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  1. I remember the theatre when we parked our rig that first week we were in Fethiye. It’s starting to take shape. It would be nice to see it when it’s finished. Nice photos!

  2. It was so neglected and sad to see really. This is a necessary restoration, we think. Wish the photos could be better, Mark, but the lighting isn’t great round there in the winter sun. Glad you like them. 🙂

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