Mutlu Yıllar! A Great Big Thank You For 2013 & How Not To Miss Out In 2014

And so, this is it; the last day of 2013. It’s New Year’s Eve so we’ll not go off into a big long ramble about the year that’s passed – you can read all about that in our life in Turkey review of 2013, if you so wish. As far as Turkey’s For Life is concerned, we’re hoping for a continued theme of onwards and upwards in 2014, and your subscriptions to our posts – either by email or through a feed reader – and social media is playing a big part in that. We try to share different things in different places, so it’s worth following us everywhere!

Thank you! In 2013, we’ve passed a few milestones:

Subscribers – if you enjoy following our posts you can subscribe so that you don’t miss any update. It’s completely free! If you’d like to receive our posts direct to your inbox or feedreader, you can subscribe to Turkey’s For Life. We use Feedly as our feed reader, and, if you do too, you can subscribe to our blog with Feedly.

– we were tentatively hoping we’d pass through 6,000 Likes in 2013, so 6,319 at the time of writing is just amazing for us. If you don’t already like our page, we’d love you to join us. Here’s the link for our Facebook page.

Twitter – ohhhh, at 4,967, we are tantalisingly close to 5,000 followers. All in good time… And if you don’t already, feel free to follow Turkey’s For Life on Twitter. It’s good fun over there. 

Google+ – A lot of people don’t like Google + but it’s opened us up to a whole new world of people who love Turkey – and 2013 has seen us rocket through 16,000 circles and +1s. We’re now in over 8,000 people’s circles and have a whopping 16,377 in total. If you’re on Google+, why not add Turkey’s For Life to your circles.
Turkey's For Life On Social Media

Google+ Turkish Food Community – Turkish food and the promotion of it is a passion of ours – and it looks like others feel the same. Last December, Google+ introduced communities and we jumped straight in there. There are now 1,362 members. So, if you love food photos, recipes, restaurant recommendations – all things food – come and join us all and even make your own contributions to the Turkish Food Community.

Pinterest – The perfect tool for all procrastinators – and there’s a lot of us. We hoped to break through 3,000 followers before the close of 2013, so 3,115 is a perfect end to the year for us. If you want to see what we pin to our boards, follow Turkey’s For Life on Pinterest.

Foursquare – For lots of travel, eating and drinking tips from wherever we’ve been in Turkey, get yourself on Foursquare. Again, our numbers have surpassed all expectations and we’re now at 6,124 followers. Come and follow Turkey’s For Life on Foursquare

Instagram – Well it’s just good fun! Follow Turkey’s For Life on Istagram to get a view of Barry’s (and very occasionallly, my) mobile photography offerings. We’re really pleased to have just sneaked through 600 followers, to 603, before the end of 2013.

YouTube – We’ve updated our camera and it allegedly makes pretty videos – I just have to work out how all that works! 2014 is for that. For now, we have a full Turkey’s For Life channel on YouTube with favourite videos made my other people, playlists of our favourite Turkish music, as well as our own offerings. The fact we’re over 100 subscribers – 119 at the moment – and over 32,000 views of our own videos, well, that’s just amazing! 

We’re excited about 2014
We’ve got loads of plans for Turkey’s For Life in 2014, one of them imminent, that we’re just itching to get cracking with, and we hope you’ll stick with us to see the developments. In the meantime…

Thank you so much for being with us through 2013; it really is very much appreciated. A very Happy New Year to all of you! Yeni Yılınız Kutlu Olsun!

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  1. Well done you guys, keep up the good work x

  2. Here’s to another fun-filled Fethiye fiesta for 2014!

  3. Looks like 2013 was a good year with lots of numbers! Hope 2014 is even better! xoxo

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