Our Istanbul Digs: Mangana Konak Suites, Sultanahmet

Anyone who doesn’t know us and who has only read the last few posts of this blog would think we were intrepid travellers or something, because we seem to be writing often about Turkish hotels and hostels we’ve stayed in. Actually, it was a year of good hostel / hotel stays. We’ve had very few disasters in the past (well, a couple of stinkers but they were both many years ago) but 2013 did leave us with a how-lucky-are-we smile on our face when it came to our accommodation choices.

Earlier in the year, we stayed in the SRF Hotel in Eskişehir and Han Hostel in Ankara. More recently, we were in Kaş and over two nights, stayed in a boutique hotel and a pension; Gardenia Boutique Hotel and Meltem Pension. Both just lovely in their own ways. Well, we’re going to tell you about another how-lucky-are-we hotel now. Remember when we were Istanbul in November and we wrote about how we stumbled into Before Travel Agency to ask them where our hotel was (and realised they were people we knew)? They phoned our apparently difficult to find hotel for us and it was around the corner, where we’d just come from. (We’d been on an overnight bus from Fethiye all night. Give us a break.)

Mangana Konak Suites, Sultanhamet, Istanbul

Mangana Konak Suites

If it’s in our price range (as low as possible), in a semi-convenient area and it looks clean, we’ll stay there. That’s our criteria for booking places to stay. However, when Barry ran the Istanbul marathon in November, he was also going to need a few comforts, too. A cold, trickly shower is of no use to a pair of legs that have just run 26 miles, so we were expecting to pay a bit more for our accommodation on this particular trip.

So this time, the criteria was: Does the bed look comfy? Does the bathroom look like the shower’s going to be good? Is it in Sultanahmet (where the finish line for the marathon is)? Can we afford it?

Mangana Konak Suites, Sultanahmet

While we were looking online for suitable hostels, Mangana Konak Suites popped up as being within our price range. Now, if you know Turkey hotels, you’ll know the word ’boutique’ is banded about quite freely. Well, ‘suites’ seems to be the vogue word for Istanbul at the moment. Was this room going to be a ‘suite?’ We didn’t really care. It was within our budget and it looked the part.

Our Suite At Mangana Konak, Sultanahmet, Istanbul

The rooms are really spacious

And then when we finally found Mangana Konak Suites and the guy at reception showed us to our room, we had to do our best not to have ridiculous grins on our faces. We’d got a real find on our hands, here!

Mangana Konak Suite, Sultanahmet, Istanbul

A panoramic view of our room at Mangana Konak

A huge, comfortable bed, flat screen TV, two work desks, a sofa, loads of space for us to spread out in and make a mess, wifi access, and then this…

Mangana Konak Suite, Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Our room

A little kitchenette area complete with tea and coffee making facilities. Fruit juice, water and a couple of cans of beer were in the fridge. Nothing too fancy but more than enough for us. And, call us easily pleased – but a marble bathroom sink and an over-sized shower head – we’re happy! There was a wall mounted hairdryer and there was a bath! We didn’t know about the bath when we booked. Complete joy for Barry after a marathon! But would the water be hot enough? We’d have to see.

Breakfast, Mangana Konak Hotel, Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Breakfast time

Breakfast is served on the roof terrace. It’s a buffet breakfast with so much choice. It was aşure time while we were there so aşure was on the buffet, too, along with just about anything you can think of to do with Turkish breakfast. My only complaint was, there were so many flavours of jam but no honey…and then on our last morning as we left the breakfast room, we finally spotted the honey!

Istanbul Views From Mangana Konak Hotel

Views from the Mangana Konak Suites breakfast terrace

Mangana Konak Suites is just behind the ancient city walls that divide Sultanahmet from the main road and the Marmara Sea. The views from the roof terrace are of anchored tankers and cargo ships, of rooftops leading the eye to the Bosphorus and back towards (perhaps) more familiar sights such as the minarets of Aya Sofya. We were very settled, here!

Mangana Konak Suites, Istanbul – Useful Info

  • We stayed at Mangana Konak Suites for three nights. The water was very hot at all times – so Barry got his post-marathon bath. The pressure was also high, making for a good shower.
  • We had a bottle of water and a beer from the mini bar and both were reasonably priced.
  • Our three night stay here cost us less than some of the rooms we saw advertised in backpacker hostels.
  • Mangana Konak Suites is on Oyuncu Çıkmazı Sokak in Sultanahmet.
  • If you’d like to book a stay here, then you can use our “best-price searcher” to find the current cheapest advertised rate at the Mangana Konak Suites – or for all hotels in Istanbul.

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  1. Looks like a lovely location – any view of Sultanahmet makes my heart beat 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the tip – As long as I’m not expected to run a marathon, I’ll add it to the “places to visit” list.

  3. The room looks fantastic. Glad you got such a good deal.

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