Saklıbahçe Cafe In Fethiye – It Lives Up To Its Name

However long we live in Fethiye, there’s always something new to discover – and yesterday, we took ourselves off in search of another curiosity. Around a month ago, I noticed that a Turkish friend had liked a page on Facebook. Nothing new there – it’s a constant in my ticker – except this one said, ‘_________ likes Saklıbahçe Cafe Fethiye.’ Immediate interest! What’s Saklıbahçe Cafe Fethiye? Why have we never heard of Saklıbahçe Cafe? Where is this Saklıbahçe Cafe? It says ‘Fethiye’ in the name but we’ve never seen it.

‘Saklıbahçe’ means ‘hidden garden’ in Turkish, so we assumed that kind of explained why we might not have stumbled across this cafe previously. We’re always wandering around Fethiye and hadn’t even noticed any clues there might be somewhere new to sit and have a drink and something to eat. We clicked into the Facebook page. No, definitely never seen this anywhere. Fortunately (and sensibly) however, they’ve got a map on the page. Yesterday, while we were in town, we decided to see if we could find it…

Fethiye Sports Club

Look for this building and you’ll see the cafe

No, this photo is not Saklıbahçe Cafe. This is the taekwondo / karate / kickboxing club in Fethiye. The cafe is just next door to this on the right – you can see the vertical wooden sign with the green writing telling you it’s there.

And we’re showing you this photo because the cafe is up a little side street and this karate centre is the first building you see, straight facing you, as you look up the street. You can see more detailed directions below but there’s nothing like a landmark to get you going, is there?

Inside Saklıbahçe Cafe, Fethiye

Saklıbahçe Cafe – outside and inside

This place was a curiosity for us because it looked cosy and pretty on the photos – and the food looked good, too. You know us and our chips – give us real chips and we’re sold. The real chips jumped out of one of the photos. Must find this place!

And we did – it was easy actually, so don’t let the ‘hidden’ bit put you off. We sat down on relaxing garden sofas and ordered drinks. This first visit was just a curiosity visit to see if we wanted to go back for food any time, so we looked at the snack menu while we waited for our drinks. If you’re in Turkey on a budget, Saklıbahçe Cafe is going to help you stick to that budget at the moment! Very reasonable prices.

We were the only customers actually seated inside, but there are a lot of businesses around here. People were bobbing their heads in ordering çay, someone called up for a lunch delivery of tost. We saw it go out on plates as we sat with our coffee. It had those real chips on the side. We wanted that tost with those real chips on the side.

Coffee at Saklıbahçe Cafe, Fethiye

Coffee at Saklıbahçe Cafe

So why are we writing all about a place where we’ve only sat for half an hour or so while we had a coffee? Well, because it had a nice feeling about it. No other reason. We felt like we could stick around here for a while. We knew we’d be coming back for food. Some places just feel right. Two young men serving; not in your face, just very pleasant.

One of them asked us how we heard about the place as we were paying. Facebook was the answer. He told us about the main menu – it’s coming. They’re waiting for it from the printers. In the meantime, they have their snack menu and can make other dishes for you, too. They’ve got a full kitchen, homemade burgers on offer, pasta dishes, chicken dishes. Until the main menu comes, they can suggest dishes for you as well as what is on the snack menu. We asked them how long they’d been open. Six months! Amazing how long something can be there without you noticing.

As we left the cafe, a Turkish friend of ours was just coming out of one of the buildings opposite. This guy is a bit of a chronicle on eateries in Fethiye – he’s well known for thoroughly enjoying his food, shall we say? “Ohh, have you been in there,” he asked, pointing to Saklıbahçe.
“Yeah, it was nice. Think we’ll go back.”
“Their omelettes…oh, and their köfte…” He trailed off, putting his finger and thumb to his lips to show us these were highly recommended by himself.

Right, well we have no idea what we’re going to eat there when we do go back…but we will definitely go back, soon. Good luck to them!

Saklıbahçe Cafe, Fethiye: Useful Info

  • Saklıbahçe Cafe is just off Carşı Caddesi in the centre of Fethiye. There are directions on their Facebook page: Stand with your back to HSBC bank and on the opposite side of the road, slightly to the right, there is a gap in the buildings. On the left corner is a watch shop and on the right is an electrical goods shop. Go to this street and you’ll see the taekwondo building directly in front of you. Saklıbahçe is just to the right of it.
  • For more ideas about where to eat and drink in Fethiye and surroundings, don’t forget, we have a Fethiye eating & drinking page. We’ll be adding Saklıbahçe Cafe to it soon…

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  1. . . don’t come to your town very much – don’t go to any big towns very much so no slight intended – when we do this looks like our sort of place.

  2. Isn’t it great to find a new place that you want to go back to?

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