2014 For Turkey’s For Life – What’s In Store?

Today feels like the start of the reality part of the new year for us. The bit where the Christmas tree is dismantled and normal daily life resumes – and so today is as good a time as any to tell you about what’s (hopefully) going on with the blog for 2014. We’re very excited about this year!

New Year’s Resolution

We all know New Year’s resolutions are there to be broken but we’ve made a sensible one around the blog and that’s to publish at least three posts a week. You know us; there’s never much pattern to what we publish – so sometimes, there’ll be more than that. But we want three to be a minimum, barring any unforeseen happenings. In the run up to Christmas and over that period, it’s been less than three a week, and here’s why…

A New Look Turkey’s For Life

…We’ve been working very hard on the new look blog – Barry’s learning as we go along – and we’re almost ready to go. It’s all there, waiting impatiently to reveal itself to the world; we’ve just got a few more tweaks and then the big (scary but exciting) switch over. We’ll not say too much now – that can be for our first post on the new blog – but this is all happening very soon (I’ve been working all day on it, today) so watch this space.


Fethiye Marina, Turkey

Just Fethiye

There’s always something going on in our beloved hometown of Fethiye. As well as adding to our Fethiye Must Sees & Dos, we’ll still be keeping you up to date on harbour developments, Telmessos Theatre progress, updating our Fethiye Eating & Drinking page as and when, going to watch Fethiyespor – general daily life in Fethiye, really.

Travelling Turkey

Iğdır Scenery, Eastern Turkey

Poppies in Iğdır, East Turkey

We’ve still got loads to tell you about our amazing 2013 travels. We’ve barely touched on the east of Turkey yet – but that’s coming this month. We’ve also got some vague, very lightly pencilled-in plans for 2014, too. At the moment, this potentially involves the Aegean coast’s Izmir region, the Mediterranean coast’s Antalya will definitely make an appearance. And will we make it to Istanbul in 2014, will we be able to head off anywhere new and exciting, will we head off for a short break away from Turkish soil? Who knows? Our life is haphazard and we like it that way…Let’s see…

Turkish Food & Recipes

Turkish Food - Ayran Aşı

Ayran aşı was a first for us in 2013

In 2013, we had a weekend focus on Turkish food and recipes – and we’re going to keep it that way in the future. We photograph just about everything we eat, and we’re always trying new foods and recipes, so there’s no shortage of material to go at there. Anyway, what’s life in Turkey without Turkish food?

And Amongst All That…

Around all these subjects – life in Fethiye, travelling Turkey and Turkish food and recipes – 2014 is going to be a year of some longer posts that have been waiting to be written for a long time. Don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you to tears with hundreds of long rants and ramblings; we’re not that cruel. These will be four or five posts, maybe, throughout the whole year; things we want to write about that can’t be broken down into bite-sized blog posts.

We did a blog post just recently about where you can find Turkey’s For Life on social media. Once we’ve moved over to our new skin, 2014 is going to see us incorporating a lot more social media into the blog. We know not all of you are users of the various social media outlets out there, so sometimes you don’t always see what we and others are photographing and saying about Turkey…Well hopefully, you will in 2014 as we bring some of it back home to the blog.

So, our biggest change is almost, almost upon us – and we can’t wait to be on the other side so we can get stuck in and start making our Turkey’s For Life blog a better place to be for everyone. Until then, the blog posts will keep coming as usual…now, shall we do another post tomorrow or leave it till the day after? Let’s see…

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  1. New year, new livery, fabulous!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us. 🙂

  3. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the new look! My 2014 goals are to write 3 posts a week too as well as learn Polish. We’ll see how all that goes! 😉

  4. Let 2014 begin with all its adventures! Looking forward to both long and short posts 🙂

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