Eating & Drinking Fethiye: It’s Always Kebap Time At Kebap Time

There are some eateries that open up in Fethiye and, while you’re hopeful for them, you can’t help but feel it’s going to be a struggle. And then there are some that open and they’re just there, all of a sudden, looking as though they’ve been there for years with a good customer base. Just one of those things.

And recently, yet another new eatery opened. It’s not in the most obvious place for a restaurant, it’s not massive and it’s not immediately noticeable…but it seems to be pulling in the customers, its Facebook page is up and running well, they share photos of their customers enjoying their kebabs, and naturally, we got curious. So, a couple of weeks ago we took ourselves off for lunch at Kebap Time

Kebap Time, Fethiye, Turkey

Kebap Time

Kebap Time is exactly the sort of place we love – and it’s just the sort of place Fethiye needs. It keeps things simple and does what it’s good at. It serves up quality kebabs…with a few unexpected extras.

We looked through the menu. It was lunchtime so we didn’t want to get too over-excited and start ordering huge meals. The prices were very reasonable – logical to assume the servings might be a smaller than the norm and so Barry went for the liver şiş and I ordered my favourite; Adana Kebabı.

Meze Dishes At Kebap Time, Fethiye, Turkey

Unexpected meze

Our (very friendly) waiter disappeared off to the kitchen with our order and promptly returned with three meze dishes: haydari, Antep Ezmesi, çiğ köfte – and lettuce leaves with which to wrap our çiğ köfte……and then two large bread rolls were brought in a basket…and then a baby lahmacun was also brought. Our light lunch was turning into a feast…

And joy of joys! Antep Ezmesi is supposed to be spicy. We’re happy to say they’re not shy with their chillies at Kebap Time and there was spice galore. We squeezed lemon juice over our çiğ köfte, wrapped it in lettuce leaves, took a bite…and there was spice galore. At this point, we put our sensible heads on and knew there would probably be bread of some description with our kebabs so we resisted the urge to tear into the bread rolls, tempting as they looked.

Ciğer Şiş, Kebap Time, Fethiye, Turkey

Ciğer Şiş

And we were right; thin lavaş bread as a base, and also a separate basket with extra lavaş just for good measure. Barry’s liver was so tender; big juicy chunks that I was coveting as I waited for my Adana Kebabı to be placed in front of me; my face must have said it all because when I got my Adana, we immediately exchanged a piece of liver for a piece of Adana.

Adana Kebab At Kebap Time, Fethiye, Turkey

Spicy Adana Kebabı

If it’s on the menu, Adana Kebabı is the one I always go for when I go to a kebab place for the first time. It’s my personal mental gauge of kebaby goodness – and, as Adana Kebabı goes, this one was particularly memorable for all the right reasons. It was spicy! How many times have I eaten Adana Kebabı and it might as well have been a finger-shaped burger – perfectly tasty meat but no umph. Adana needs a bit of umph about it, and this one did, so that’s me happy.

Both kebabs were served with bulgur pilav, barbecued tomato and pepper, a sprig of fresh mint and parsley and a light onion salad sprinkled with sumac. All very simple – all just what we were hoping for. It looks as though we have another ‘goto’ place in Fethiye.

Kebap Time, Fethiye – Useful Info:

  • Kebap Time is on Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı (the wide Fethiye-Çalış main road with the big Migros) around 500m from Migros, on the same side of the road.
  • Prices are very reasonable. Adana Kebabı, Liver şiş, the meze and lahmacun, plus two bottles of ayran came to 27 TL between us (2014).
  • For more foodie photos, there are lots on the Kebap Time Facebook page.
  • And for Kebap Time, and more ideas of where to eat and drink around Fethiye, don’t forget to visit our Fethiye Eating & Drinking page.

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  1. We always got caught out with too much food at lunch time in Turkey. It was the little extra plates of things that arrived on the table that had us looking at each other and wondering if we would be able to fit in what we had actually ordered. And then it would arrive with attendant plates as well. A light lunch quite often blew out to a feast. Your Adana looked the part. Looks like Kebap Time is there to stay. 🙂

  2. All these look soo good!: ) can’t wait for my kebab and mezze fix at home this summer 🙂 Ozlem

  3. Celine Blacow says

    Oh we’re definitely going to go there on hols!

  4. I must stop reading your posts on an empty stomach. You make me head for the fridge.

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