Scott Jeffers & Traveler World Music – A Deep Blue Bar Treat

Summer in Fethiye has kicked off with a bang for us – different groups of friends over from England all at the same time and the days merge into one. A backdrop to all of this was the Fethiye Culture and Arts Days which happens every year and just gets bigger and better each time.

We were really looking forward to this year’s events…and well, apart from a few minutes on the first night, we missed the lot. Or so we thought…

As big music fans, we were engrossed with last year’s world music festival which was part of the Culture and Arts Days. We watched performances in Kayaköy (always special) and created a world music playlist of all the musicians’ performances we saw at Beşkaza Meydanı on the big stage.

One musician that stuck out for many of us was Scott Jeffers – so lots of us were excited to see he was back for this year’s festival, too.

Scott Jeffers At Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye, Turkey

Scott Jeffers at Deep Blue Bar

This year, we knew we were going to struggle to make it to the big events around the main stage, but we found out he would be doing a sunset performance at Çalış Beach on one of the evenings…weather permitting.

We went down to the beach, the sky went black, it poured with rain and, naturally, the performance was cancelled. It’s just one of those things and we wrote the whole thing off for this year…

“We’ll finish this drink and then we’ll get off home, shall we? I’m really tired.”

It’s gone midnight on Saturday night and we’re sat at Deep Blue Bar with friends. There’s live music on and they’re really good. We’d like to stay but a full day in Kalkan and straight to the bar afterwards has left us all a bit washed out. It’s time for bed.

We’re just coming to the end of our drinks and then Barry says, “Scott Jeffers and his band have just walked into the bar.”

Ohhh, interesting…We go inside and stand at the bar and there they are, just sat in the corner. “Let’s have just one more drink and see what happens,” we say. Miraculously, washed-out-tiredness turns into a second wind and I’m getting my camera from its bag while Barry gets the beers in; you know, just in case.

And sure enough, something does happen. It turns out the drummer of the band already playing at Deep Blue has been drumming at the world music festival. He invites the band up to play.

Errrm, Scott Jeffers is about to play at Deep Blue Bar, everyone! I’m shouting over the bar to anyone who’ll listen. Of course, the world music festival happens all around them and they never see any of it as they’re always working.

Stop what you’re doing and listen to this. You’re gonna love this!

No one behind the bar looks particularly interested. It’s busy, they’ve got beers, cocktails and shots to serve.

Well, we just let the music do the talking – and it does. And soon enough, Deep Blue Bar is rocking. We’re all interested! This video is the start of the whole thing.

We bought a new camera recently with the intent of doing better videos for the blog and, while this video is in full HD and sounds pretty decent if you’re using decent speakers, I am still getting used to how everything works. It’s not bad for only a second attempt so please do enjoy Scott Jeffers and Traveler at Deep Blue Bar.

Scott Jeffers & Traveler At Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye

Traveler in full flow

It takes a couple of tunes before the Saturday night crowds outside realise there is something a bit different going on inside the bar, but, once they do, more people start to push their way inside. This is rare these days for Deep Blue – the smoking ban means everyone stays outside, rain or shine, winter or summer.

But this is different.

We were all in our element! And we were supposed to be going home, too! Ha, like that’s going to happen. We get another drink, people start to dance and the band who were playing originally join in the performance, too.

Live Music At Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye

A free for all at Deep Blue Bar

Now, if you know Deep Blue Bar, you’ll know it’s not the biggest bar in the world – but no one cares on this night. We all squash in somehow and manage to dance around in the process. We’re not sure what time everything finishes but what we do definitely know is, we’re really glad the band walked into Deep Blue Bar before we finished that last drink.

This is ‘our bar,’ Scott Jeffers was our favourite performer at last year’s Fethiye World Music Festival…that we could’ve missed out on all of this had we finished our drinks a minute or two earlier…oh, that just doesn’t bear thinking about!

  • For more videos and photos of Traveler at the Fethiye World Music Festival – and dates and places of where Traveler will be playing in future, you can like the Traveler World Music Facebook page.
  • Obviously, this was an impromptu event but there is live music on at Deep Blue most weekends. To keep up with what’s happening there, like the Deep Blue Bar Facebook page.
  • The Culture & Arts Days, and the world music festival within that, are so good for Fethiye. It’s not just the event itself but the extras such as the Kayaköy performances last year and this one at Deep Blue. Long may it continue…

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for suggesting this bar 🙂 we are having a great night.

  2. These unplanned events are always the best.

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