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Yes, sometimes you drop lucky and you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Way back in 2010, we wrote about how happy we were about a new arrival along Çalış Beach. This new arrival was Bahane Bar – and the bar is still going strong – and we’re still happy for its existence. It’s a place to chill out in good company with good music. It’s not luxurious – we like it that way – but it’s a feel-good, relaxed type of place.

Bahane Bar, Çalış Beach – New Menu

And the owners and staff are chilled out, too. At the moment, they’re setting up a new menu at Bahane – and that’s when we just happened to be in the right place at the right time…twice. Because the way they’re doing this is in a relaxed kind of way, too. Each meal on the new menu was being prepared, and then a photograph was being taken of the meal…and then those meals were being distributed around the various customers who happened to be in the bar.

Vegetable Dürüm At Bahane Bar, Çalış Beach

Bahane – vegetarian dürüm

And so it happened that one day, a few weeks ago, we were sat there, minding our own business when a plateful of food was placed on the table with an ‘Afiyet olsun!’ No, “Would you like to try this,” or anything like that. It was just given to us with two forks and a smile. The couple on the next table to us were also given a different dish – guess they’d just eaten or were a bit confused about what was going on because they just got up and wandered off. Nothing like that sort of behaviour from us – give us a plate of food and we’re here for the duration.

Now, lest you go thinking we sit at Bahane every day, we can assure you we don’t. Like we said, things are chilled here. There’s no rush with anything, and that includes, it seems, the new menu. Because a few days later, we were once again sitting at Bahane minding our own business, watching people stroll up and down the kordon when this was placed in front of us with two forks and an ‘Afiyet olsun.’ They were still sorting the new menu.

Bahane Bar - Sweet Crepes


If you know us, you’ll know we’ve not got a sweet tooth…but… Again, other customers had been given dishes to share. It was potluck what you were given. We got this! A crepe cut into triangles and then layered into the tower you can see in the photo. In between each layer is sliced kiwi fruit and strawberries with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Fortunately, this was between the two of us. It felt naughty and indulgent to be eating this but, at the same time, we could kid ourselves there was a bit of healthiness involved because of the fresh fruit. Kidding oneself is important in these situations.

Of course, despite the wooden skewer holding everything together, out tower collapsed into a gooey, sweety, yummy mess as soon as we cut into it – but that didn’t stop us from making short work of it.

So, these are just two of the dishes on the new Bahane menu. The top photo is the vegetarian dürüm. And the bottom photo – we’re not sure what that’s called yet. The rest of the menu is slowly appearing on the Bahane Facebook page. This is a link to the photo album with the other dishes that have been photographed so far – it’s the photos with black border running the length of each side.

And, should you find yourself sitting at Cafe Bahane one time and you’re feeling in need of some nibbles to share, ask them what’s on the menu. Is the new menu even printed yet? We don’t know…because that’s Bahane…there’ll be food available…there’ll be drink…there’ll be a chilled atmosphere…the famous Çalış sunset…and you just take it as it comes.

Bahane Bar, Çalış Beach – Useful Info

  • Bahane is open all year from around 2pm til late, daily.
  • Bahane is on Çalış Beach – take a right at the main beach entrance and it’s down down the far end. You can see it here on our map of Fethiye.
  • Bahane, along with lots of other ideas of where to eat and drink in Fethiye and around, is on our Fethiye eating and drinking page.

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  1. Dessert looks divine 🙂

  2. Both dishes look yummy!

  3. I like the look of both these dishes. A dollop of custard wouldn’t go amiss on the pancakes

  4. A chill atmosphere and these gorgeously decadent crepes sounds just dandy to me. 🙂

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