A ‘Family Outing’ From Fethiye To Kalkan

Yes, around three weeks ago, there was a bit of a mini Fethiye exodus to Kalkan and we were part of it. When we say, ‘family outing to Kalkan,’ it’s not so much mums, dads and kids as our usual crowd who we see in Deep Blue Bar on a regular basis. It was this ‘family’ that jumped into several cars and headed eastwards along the D400 to the Mediterranean charms of Kalkan.

Side Streets Of Kalkan, Turkey

The pretty street where Rana is situated

Why were so many of us descending on these ridiculously pretty cobbled streets? Well, it was a visit with a purpose, of course. A lovely lady we all know from Fethiye has transported her shop from Fethiye to Kalkan and we were all going along for the opening day.

Kalkan Shops

Opening day

Rana used to have a natural stone shop in Çarşı 95 Sokak in the centre of Fethiye, close to Cafe Cafe. She sold costume jewellery and other goodies that had been decorated with, or made from, natural stone. Time for a move had come along and, after a bit of mooching around looking for new premises, this vacant shop in the old town Kalkan was the one she plumped for. Rana Butik, Doğaltaş (Rana Boutique, Natural Stone) was born.

Butik Doğaltaş, Kalkan, Turkey

Rana – Butik Doğaltaş

And as shops in old towns go, Rana Butik Doğaltaş is big, airy and packed full of goodies that make you want to reach for your purse. There are three floors. Downstairs is a private area at the moment – a place to make a coffee and the like for the staff. Where you enter the shop at ground level is clothing, accessories, shoes and samples of jewellery. The clothes are all very different – very Kalkan. If you’re looking for something a bit individual either for daywear or a for a special occasion, that’s what you’re going to find at Rana Butik Doğaltaş.

And then if you take yourself upstairs, that’s where you’re going to find a whole roomful of natural stone jewellery and other costume jewellery to go with your new outfit. If you do go upstairs, make sure you take a peak outside, too, because there’s a fab balcony overlooking the sea and the harbour.

No visit to Kalkan can be made without a little wander around the old town and down to the sea. We took ourselves off for a photographic leg stretch at some point in the day so we’ll show you more of the delights of Kalkan in our next post…

Rana Butik Doğaltaş, Kalkan – Useful Information

  • Rana Butik Doğaltaş is in the old town of Kalkan
  • In Kalkan, there is a small car park on the right, as you descend steeply into town on Mustafa Kocakaya Caddesi. To the left is a pedestrianised side street (1 sokak) with old Greek buildings which are now restaurants and clothing / jewellery shops. Rana Butik Doğaltaş is on the right hand side of this street, just next to Samphire Terrace Restaurant.
  • Kalkan is an easy day trip from Fethiye; roughly one hour by car or 90 minutes by bus.

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  1. Anne Mackle says

    I love Kalkan. The shop looks lovely I’ll be sure to visit it next time I’m there.

  2. So good to hear this new find – we may hopefully head to Kalkan for a few days if we can manage, will sure check out Rana’s shop 🙂 Many thanks! Ozlem

  3. It’s so fun to read about Kalkan as we consider that beautiful town as a home. We loved it there so much!!! The whole Antalya region is stunning. It feels like a little paradise!

  4. My partner and i are returning to beloved caliş beach this august – we have always taken my 2 children – now teens who no longer want to holiday with us. We would like to visit kalkan – how do we get there from calis – do we go into fethiye ? Dolmus /boat
    The plan is – as we have 0 teens – maybe stay over night – no rush – no problem
    Might even get a private taxi –

    • Hi Caroline
      Under your own steam, get the Günlükbaşı dolmuş in Çalış and tell the driver you’re going to the otogar (the main intercity bus station on the main road to Taşyaka and Ölüdeniz). He’ll drop you off outside. At the otogar, you need a buse from the company, Batı Antalya. They’re pretty regular. 17TL each for a one way ticket. You can book online, here. http://www.batiantalyatur.com.tr/ (There’s a box for booking in English half way down the page.)

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