Karaağaç Black Tree Farm & Cottages – Spit Roasted Lamb For Dinner

(The following post is a fun, tongue-in-cheek affair and we had a great day out, thanks to being driven up there by Mr Osman. Oh yeah, and we did check with him first before we published photos of him on our blog. Oh yeah, and we’re sure he must have done a stint turning the lamb… at some point.)

In our previous post, we took you on a little tour of the fabulously calm and peaceful setting that is Karaağaç Black Tree Farm and Cottages. High up in the mountains, the summit of nearby Babadağ resembling a mere rolling hill, we were there to break away from the searing heat of Fethiye…and to enjoy some good, no-nonsense lamb cooked on the spit. And we did say in that post that we would tell you about the lamb. So let’s tell you about it…

Because, you see, Osman said he was driving up there because he was going to be spit roasting the lamb. And, when we arrived at Black Tree Farm and Cottages, there was indeed a board out for guests saying, “Tonight, spit roasted lamb, cooked by Osman.”

Spit Roast Lamb, Black Tree Farm & Cottages, Karaağaç

Spit roast lamb, not being spit roasted by Osman

“Barry, you can be my commis chef. I’m going to set up the barbecue. We’ll cook the lamb slowly over 4 hours or so and we’ll have to keep turning it.”

We only half-listened to this and got a beer instead. And Osman did disappear off to set up the barbecue. And he was gone for around 20 minutes before he reappeared looking, naturally, very hot.
“Oh, it’s too hot over there,” he said.

We went off to find the barbecue area to take some photos and, if you know Osman, you’ll know that the person in this photo is not him. The job had been delegated. We wandered around the site, Barry went off for his little trek to get a peek of Kabak from the top of the ridge, and I stayed behind to take more photos. When Barry returned, we walked by the barbecue area again…

Spit Roast Lamb, Black Tree Farm & Cottages, Karaağaç

Spit roast lamb, not being spit roasted by Osman

Wow, it looked good…but if you know Osman, you’ll know that the person in this photo is not him. The job had been delegated. Again. Actually, come to think of it, we hadn’t seen Osman for some time now. Where was he? We asked his daughter. Ahhh, he’s gone for a snooze. (Not) spit roasting the lamb you’re billed as spit roasting is very tiring, you know. But, eventually, he reappears…to help transfer the now-cooked lamb from the barbecue to the kitchen.

Our Slow-Cooked Lamb, Karaağaç, Turkey

Who will carve up the spit roast lamb?

Ohhh,if you’re a meat eater and you’re feeling remotely peckish, how tasty does this lamb look? Now we just need someone to cut it all up for us – and the guests staying in the cottages – so that we can all tuck in. We’re hovering around it taking photos. The kids are hovering around it. “Can we just have a little tiny bit?”

Carving The Slow Cooked Lamb, Black Tree Farm & Cottages

Oh, who’s that?

Ahhh, hoşgeldiniz, Osman! Here he is. The star of our show has arrived, complete with liquid refreshment, to take over the carving, slicing and chopping of the lamb meat.

Slow-Cooked Lamb Preparation, Karaağaç

No apron, careful slicing

Is it an easy job cutting up the lamb? Well there are lots of ‘supervisors,’ (including us), there’s lots of advice and suggestions, kids pinching little pieces that escape the pan (and who can blame them). Do you need to be an expert butcher to do all this or do you just cut it all up and hope for the best? And what happens when the knife is no longer good enough for the job of cutting up the more sturdy parts of the lamb?

Well, then you need the daddy of the butcher’s knife world to ‘separate’ those parts. And, once all of that is sorted, we sit down and tuck into meze dishes and village bread before being served with the lamb we’ve all been waiting (im)patiently for, for most of the day. Was it worth the wait? Well if anyone else ever tells us they’re doing spit roast lamb and asks us if we want to come along for some, we’re there!

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  1. This looks delicious! My mouth is watering.

  2. I think Osman is more suited to pit roasted lamb. Put it in a hole in the ground. Come back in 12 hours and it’s ready. I’ll leave you to suggest it to him.

  3. How hilarious. 🙂 What luxury to have someone to delegate the crap jobs to. 🙂

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