Köfte Ekmek – Simplicity Is Tough To Beat

As you’ll know, if you dip into this blog on a relatively regular basis that is, we’re quite partial to the odd bit of köfte every now and then. No, correct that; we love köfte! It’s got to be homemade köfte of course. None of this processed nonsense. And thankfully, there are a few places around Fethiye that do a decent version. Cafe Cafe are always able to please, as are the guys at Kuleli Beach. We quite like our own efforts, too; especially our Tekirdağ köftesi recipe.

But sometimes…sometimes…you just cannot beat a good old simple köfte ekmek. That’s the köfte in a fresh, crusty Turkish half bread. Is it better than balık ekmek from Popeye’s? Hmmm, guess that depends on what we’re fancying, and when we come to this place; the one below in the photo, we’re really looking forward to köfte ekmek.

Köfte Ekmek At The Fethiyespor Match

Two köfte ekmek

This is real, homemade köfte. Loads and loads of the little meaty circles (we use the term ‘circles’ loosely) sizzling away on the outdoor griddle. A tray piled high with slices of huge, juicy red tomatoes. A tub filled with fresh, crispy shredded lettuce…and a smaller bag at the front filled with ridiculously hot chilli peppers. Our köfteci in this photo is just double-checking we’ve asked for two köfte ekmek and then he kindly gives me permission to take more photos.

Turkish Street Food - Köfte Ekmek

Köfte ekmek preparation

Two half breads are laid onto the griddle to receive a blast of heat while they’re filled with freshly griddled köfte. There’s a queue forming behind us, but this guy’s quick. Simple is best. Open bread, place köfte along the length of the bread…

Köfte Half Bread, Fethiyespor

The salad bit

Sprinkle with shredded lettuce from the tub, add 4 slices of tomato. Close the now lightly toasted bread, wrap paper around the bottom to catch any stray drips and crumbs, and that’s it. We pay our 10 TL (5 TL per half bread) delve into the chilli bag and take a handful out and then go off to find somewhere to sit. And this – köfte ekmek – this is just one of the best street foods ever…

Well, can you still call it a street food if you’re in a stadium? If you remember the post we wrote last year, 15 Fantastic Reasons To Support Fethiyspor, you might recall that one of our reasons was the fab köfte ekmek. Yes, some might see that as a flimsy reason. Well, that all depends on how much you appreciate a good köfte ekmek! These photos were taken in the stadium on Sunday night before the match. This was evening meal. Take your sandwich, find a seat (not difficult at the moment, it has to be said) and get stuck in while you wait for the teams to come out.

Oh, and that small handful of ridiculously hot chillies we took; we managed one each! Wooow, they were fiery!

  • This köfte guy stands on the corner between maraton and kale arkası stands at Fethiyespor matches. Last season, there wasn’t köfte ekmek every match day – sometimes, it was dürüm filled with çiğ köfte. We like those, too, so no problems for us if that’s the case this season.)
  • If you want to make your own köfte ekmek at home, here’s our recipe for Fethiye köfte burgers to get you started.

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  1. Nothing beats Turkish street food for me, it is actually slow cooked, healthy fast food with veg in it too – kofte ekmek, balik ekmek, all bring it on 🙂 Lovely post! ozlem

  2. Makes me wonder how any one born in this country can step over the threshold of a McDonalds. I can’t .

    • This is what we’ve always argued with people. Okay, this isn’t all neat ans tidy but the köfte here is real food, the bread is fresh, as is the salad. Why go processed? It’s no snobby thing, we just don’t get it. :

  3. Yum! I love kofte too! And funny enough, we had a kofte-like sandwich in Split, Croatia, on our recent trip. It also was yummy! 🙂

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