One Thousand – The Number Of Blog Posts On Turkey’s For Life

Wow, yeah! Not sure where to start, really, writing this blog post. This blog post is number 1,000. One thousand posts of ramblings about our life – and a few adventures thrown in here and there – in Turkey. What on earth do we find to talk about, eh? Amazing, really. Thankfully, we don’t need to think of much to write in this very special post.

It’s special because we’re going to let photos and a very short video of Türk Yıldızları Turkish Stars) do the celebrations for us…
Türk Yıldızları In Fethiye, Turkey

You see, yesterday was to be the main Türk Yıldızları air show in Çalış. We’d already watched the ‘Türk Yıldızları hello to Fethiye’ a couple of days before. The following day, the scheduled rehearsal was cancelled right at the last minute due to atrocious weather…and then we got up yesterday morning and the weather was even worse. Absolutely tipping down, blowing a gale, rain hitting the windows under our terrace – a very occasional sight and noise usually reserved for winter storms.

We’d written it off. Surely Türk Yıldızları had to cancel with the weather like this. Nevermind, at east we’d seen the Fethiye greeting…but we still watched their Facebook page for updates. They were due to perform around 3:30-4 pm. It got close to 2 pm and the torrential rain continued; set in for the day we thought…
Turkish Stars In Formation, Fethiye

And then, at around 2pm, their Facebook page was updated. ‘The show goes on if the weather calms. We’ve not cancelled.’ Maybe they knew something we didn’t because we read the update, the torrential downpour became rain and we spotted a slight hint of blue amongst the low black cloud.

“Shall we risk going down to the beach, do you think? We’ll be gutted if we don’t go and then they perform.”

We jumped on the dolmuş and headed down to Güven’s Bar in Koca Çalış. If nothing happened, and it started to pour down again, at least we could have a beer and a chat. By the time we got to Güven’s, there was a good hefty bit of blue in the sky, the press were crowded further along the beach,close to Surf Cafe at Koca Çalış and the obligatory paramotors scaled the coastline. Wow, this thing was going to happen…if the weather held up.
Turkish Stars Flying In Fethiye, Turkey

And then, all of a sudden, on the horizon, out at sea, we saw a fast-moving, red and white smoke trail. They were on their way. And there were 6 of them! The sun, streaming through the thick banks of cloud, reflected off an almost black sea and actually contributed to, rather than detracted from, the whole spectacle. What a plus for Çalış Beach! A perfect scene for six jets flying up and down the coast.
Turkish Stars & Our 1,000th Blogpost

I took too many photos – you have to when jets are going past at such speed and sound – and will make a proper album eventually. But, for now, this little collage is a celebration of Türk Yıldızları and our 1,000th blog post, too. Quite apt that one of our year highlights has coincided with such a ‘blogging life’ highlight.

And this very short video – just 1 little minute and 40 seconds long because I was taking so many photos – gives you a little insight into the types of things we witnessed in half an hour yesterday. We’d love it if you watched this because, as well as out 1,000th blog post, we’re also VERY close to 50,000 views on the Turkey’s For Life YouTube channel. To reach that before bedtime tonight would just top the day off perfectly…but we’re also very patient, too, of course. Those views can come all in good time…
Türk Yıldızları In Fethiye, Turkey

Today, our Facebook newsfeeds for our personal accounts have just been bursting with everyone’s photos of Türk Yıldızları at Çalış Beach; testament for us as to the impact Türk Yıldızları had on Çalış yesterday. The place was packed and the setting just perfect – a huge expanse of sea framed by hills, mountains, Fethiye and Şovalye Island. All of this and the weather the way it was – well, goosebumps is not an exaggeration.
Turkish Stars Air Show Display, Çalış Beach

And so, eventually, Fethiye’s Türk Yıldızları mania will calm down and the photos will fade from everyone’s social media feeds – but, just as we’ll never forget the Ölüdeniz performance a few years ago, we’ll never forget this one either. These guys are amongst the best pilots in the world and to have been able to see them fly in Çalış is a privilege.
Turkish Stars In Koca Çalış, Fethiye

So, a big thank you to the weather for taking a break while we all gathered to watch this. A big thank you to Türk Yıldızları for the performance and for hanging on right to the last minute before deciding whether to perform or cancel (obviously, safety was paramount) and a great big thank you to everyone who has read any of our 1,000 blog posts. We’re eternally grateful! Here’s to the next 1,000…

Thank You & Çok Teşekkür Ederiz!

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  1. Wow, 1000 posts. That’s dedication and a lot of work. I’ve enjoyed many, many of your posts and look forward to many more. Congratulations 🙂

  2. congrats for the ‘due diligence’ – that’s some commitment – and for the interesting content.

  3. Congratulations and thanks for all the informative posts. My first impressions of Fethiye weren’t very good and you have completely reversed my opinion.

  4. Hi Julia! congrats on your wonderful blog and all those super posts! I loved this one: you managed to convey first the worry that it wasn’t going to happen, and then, when it did, the exhilaration of the occasion!

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