Gözleme By The Seaside – Well It Works At Denizatı

As you’re no doubt more than aware by now – if you follow our daily goings on in this blog, that is – we’re big fans of gözleme. It’s an almost weekly staple for us at either the Fethiye Tuesday market or the Çalış Sunday market; a good fill of gözleme and pickles – and then you’ve got your fuel for hitting the stalls to stock up on your fruit and veg for the week, and it all just makes for very happy shopping.

Of course, some stalls do a better gözleme than others, and we all have our favourites – we go to the same place every week. Light-and-crispy-not-oily is the key for us, and then a filling of minced meat and potato (kıymalı patatesli) – just the right proportions – and a bowl of pickles (turşu) on the side, too. There’s just got to be pickles!

Apart from the market, whenever we walk from Fethiye to Kayaköy, on arrival in Kayaköy, our feet always manage to walk us straight to Bülent’in Yeri. They do a great gözleme…and fab homemade chips washed down with a beer; perfect after a good leg-stretch of a walk.

Denizatı Restaurant Menu, Fethiye, Turkey

A Decent Selection

And now, in Fethiye, gözleme is also to be found in those sorts of places you might not expect. Gözleme is associated with village food, it’s made in the home and bought from roadside stands or small eateries set up around family homes in villages (such as Bülent’in Yeri in Kayaköy). Wherever you drive around these parts, you’ll be hard pushed not to see a sign advertising gözleme somewhere on your journey.

As a food associated with the countryside and villages, gözleme is not generally associated with Fethiye’s seaside restaurants – except, now, it is! We’ve written about Denizatı Restaurant & Bar along Fethiye harbour in the past so we’ll not go into detail there. But we will say, that when we spotted gözleme on their menu a few months ago, we were curious, yet not expecting much.

This is a restaurant where, as in other larger restaurants, you can get a whole range of well-presented Turkish and international dishes. Were they really going to be overly bothered in concentrating on a piece of pastry with a bit of filling that’s usually served up in villages? Well, in for penny, in for a pound and all that. You’re never going to know until you try; it’s very reasonably priced (especially for a harbourside restaurant), so we took the plunge…

Gözleme At Denizatı Restaurant, Fethiye

Kıymalı patatesli gözleme

And now, if anyone asks us where does the best meat and potato gözleme, we have a conundrum. We never thought a restaurant would do as good a version as those specialising in the serving of gözleme; but we were wrong. We already knew Denizatı Restaurant had a lady who makes the bread which is served before meals with olives and cheese – and we love that bread. Well, she’s apparently the same lady who does the gözleme, too – this woman knows her way around a piece of dough!

It’s light, it’s crispy-not-oily, and the filling is very generous – so you’re going to be set up for a good few hours after you’ve waded through it. What more to say? Well, no turşu (pickles) but you can improvise. This is gözleme restaurant-style and Denizatı Restaurant does a meze of pickled beetroot. When we’re at the restaurant, that’s our little indulgence to compliment our cheap treat…because we’ve eaten gözleme at Denizatı Restaurant on more than one occasion, now. Is it our favourite one? Eek…what to say…it’s up there…it’s up there…

  • Denizatı have various fillings available on their menu, as you can see in the photo above (click on the photo to enlarge it if you need a bigger version).
  • Kıymalı patatesli (minced meat and potato) isn’t on the menu as an option to be eaten together – but they’ll do it if you ask (we do!)
  • For more of the menu at Denizatı Restaurant, they have a photo album of all the menu listings on their Facebook page.

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  1. Add a bit of carrot and swede and you’ll have a Cornish Pasty Gözleme.

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