The New-Look Cafe Cafe In Fethiye – Glad To Have It Back

Over the years, we’ve done a few posts about Cafe Cafe in the centre of Fethiye. It’s just one of our go-to places – one of those places where you feel comfortable. We’ve all got those places. Over the past few weeks and months, Cafe Cafe has been having a major facelift and, while we have missed going there, it’s forced us to head to some different places, too. If you remember, we had a great meal at Iskele Ocakbaşı along the harbour a few weeks back. We probably wouldn’t have gone there had Cafe Cafe been open.

Anyway, after weeks of wandering past and bobbing inside to check progress, only to find piles of wood, bits of rubble, paint, tiles, girders – the kind of stuff you see when refurbishment is underway – Cafe Cafe is once more one of our little havens. It’s shiny and new and open, and just as busy as ever.

All New Cafe Cafe, Fethiye

New Look Cafe Cafe, Fethiye

The all new Cafe Cafe

You see, the thing is, there have been many days when we could have gone to Cafe Cafe because, for most of the time, the front part has managed to stay open. But that front part isn’t our Cafe Cafe. No. Our Cafe Cafe is the rear ‘garden room.’ That’s where we like to be and it’s just not the same if we can’t be there, so we chose to wait – and it was worth it. Cafe Cafe has always struggled with a lack of outdoor space but that’s all changed now. The rear garden room now has a retractable roof with views of treetops climbing above the buildings outside.

Fethiye Restaurants - Cafe Cafe

Cafe Cafe

There’s a whole new colour scheme – blue-washed wood – faux brick walls and windows, decked flooring with a tiled centre. All quite minimalist…but cosy, too, at the same time. Cafe Cafe was always famous for its open fire and there was a slight pang of, “Arrggh, the fire’s gone.” But the new one is still a log fire, it’s safer, fits in with the new look and does actually warm the room up rather than just the people who are huddled right on top of it. And then there’s the toilets…I didn’t take my camera into the toilets but, as toilets go…well you can see for yourself if you go!

The New Cafe Cafe Menu

Yes, the new look Cafe Cafe comes with a new menu, too. There are still lots of the old Cafe Cafe favourites on there – presented differently – and new dishes, too. For example, there’s a köfte section there, now. Well, isn’t that just a menu after our own hearts. We’re obsessed with köfte. And so, when we went earlier in the week, we both ordered from the köfte menu.

Kaşarlı Köfte, Cafe Cafe, Fethiye

Kaşarlı Köfte Cafe Cafe style

I ordered kaşarlı köfte – one of my favourite meals at Cafe Cafe because it’s so different. Kaşarlı köfte is köfte with a kaşar cheese centre and it’s usually served as the small burger shapes you’d normally expect of köfte. Not at Cafe Cafe though. They serve it as one big slab of cheese-stuffed meat. Lovely! However, Barry went for one of the new options on the köfte menu…and I ended up coveting his meal.

Balkan Köfte, Cafe Cafe, Fethiye

Balkan köfte – it’s sausage and it’s much appreciated

Should you find yourself in Cafe Cafe ordering food, this is on the menu as Balkan Köfte. We’ve looked Balkan köfte up online and have found nothing resembling what you see in this photo – but all of that is irrelevant. Because what you are seeing on this board is three coils of sausage. This is Balkan köfte, Cafe Cafe style, and it is sooo tasty. This is coming from two sausage-loving people living in Fethiye and who don’t often get their hands on sausagy goodness. Ahh, just that flavour and texture of quality sausage…Next time we go to Cafe Cafe, this is most definitely what I will be ordering.

There are lots of other additions to the new menu, too, that we’ll no doubt work our way through over time. We should point out, for all the sushi fans out there, there is also now a separate sushi menu. We’ve seen photos, and we also saw some going out while we were there, and the portion sizes look very decent. That’s also on our list to try, too.

So, Cafe Cafe was away for a while, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss it while it was away, but that’s okay because it’s now back and all is once again well with our little Fethiye world. Welcome back, Cafe Cafe!

Cafe Cafe, Fethiye – Useful Information:

  • Cafe Cafe is open all year
  • It’s open daily until around midnight and serves meals, snacks, desserts and speciality coffees
  • There is also a full bar
  • You can find Cafe Cafe on Çarşı 95 Sokak in the centre of Fethiye

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