Winter In Fethiye – Hot Drinks All Round

Usually, our weekends on social media – and the blog, too, if we post – are reserved for Turkish food and drink. We’re still doing food and drink for this post…but whether or not you decide it’s Turkish is up to you.

A few months ago, we ventured for our first visit to Fethiye’s new shopping centre, Erasta AVM. From that one visit, we told you our first impressions of Erasta shopping centre and also did a post with more photos showing that it’s not a bad place to be for families on a rainy day. And then there was one more post – food and drink often win the day for us, and our biggest memory of Erasta was drinking soğuk Türk Kahvesi (iced Turkish coffee) at Kahve Dünyası. And, to be completely honest with you, we hadn’t been back to Erasta since, because, if you’ve read any of those previous posts, indoor shopping centres are just not our thing. The great outdoors and all that; that’s more our bag.

Kahve Dünyası, Erasta AVM Fethiye

Kahve Dünyası Erasta AVM Fethiye

And then a few days ago, we decided to go and buy our Christmas presents for ourselves/to each other. Shoe shopping time. I’ve been looking around for a few weeks, just glancing in shop windows as we walked around town, and nothing has particularly jumped out. Time to give Erasta another go. And we did both find some shoes we both wanted – straight away – happy days – that’s it, shopping done, no need to amble around shop after shop lest we lose the will to live. But it was a tad cold outside so we decided to make a return visit to Kahve Dünyası.

Mocha Coffee At Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye

Mocha and a truffle

No ice-cream based coffees this time. No, we wanted cosy and warm. We sat inside where it was cosy and warm and we looked at the cosy and warm coffees. Now, we could be accused of falling for gimmicks here but coffees with patterns on top – don’t they always just look so tempting, so aesthetically pleasing. This was Barry’s order. A mocha, served with a little truffle on the side.

Hot Chocolate, Kahve Dünyası, Erasta Fethiye

It had to be a hot chocolate for me

For pretty-looking blog purposes, I did browse the menu for elaborate coffees with all manner of colours and whippy cream swirling around in glasses. And they did all look tempting but, sorry…You see, I then noticed a card on the table advertising their hot chocolate. Cold and rainy outside, going a bit dark, Christmas tree twinkling in the background; what else are you going to order but a comforting, frothy hot chocolate, eh? So even though this photo isn’t particularly interesting, for me personally, it’s another happy Kahve Dünyası memory – it was just what I wanted!

And if you’re thinking you missed out on the photo of the day yesterday, you didn’t. We did share a photo on our Turkey’s For Life Facebook page but we saved the blog version for today because it matches. Here is the said Christmas tree that was twinkling in the background as we browsed the coffee menu. It’s a ‘New Year tree’ in Turkey but it goes towards the festivities all the same. Yes, Erasta Fethiye’s tree isn’t bad.


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  1. We treat ourselves to a Kahve Dunyası visit occasionally. There is one in the marina in Bodrum and in Piccadilly in London.

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