Fethiye In December – Pickling And Preserving And Counting Down

A little bit of catching up to do with our December photo-a-day countdown to New Year, but that’s okay. We need to fit other blog posts in, too, and we’d been itching to do our all new Cafe Cafe post for a few days so that update had to be yesterday, seeing as we like to concentrate on Turkish food during the weekends…

Today has been the day where we’ve decided to get festive, making our pickles and chutney. We took ourselves off to Çalış Market this morning and stocked up on all the ingredients we need. So lovely around there today – everything on the stalls must be in its prime and it all looked so abundant and lush and colourful. We bought more than we needed…but what else are you going to do when so much colour is bursting forth? We very happily gave in to temptation.

Turkish Food - Hurma or Persimmon

Hurma or persimmon – still not converts

Spiky pumpkins, known in Fethiye as Rodos Kabağı or Fethiye Kabağı are still in season as are – amazingly – çintar mushrooms. In 11 years in Fethiye, we have never know çintar to be around for so long. It’s amazing, really. We’ve also got mersin (rosehip), hurma (persimmon) and, of course, citrus fruits. Despite the photo of persimmon above, this is one fruit you will never catch us buying – but they’re still a seasonal fruit that so conjure up festive feelings now because they’re on the local markets at this time every year. This Fethiye winter seasonal food post gives you an idea of what’s around on the markets at the moment.

So…Barry is simmering some chutney as I type, I’ve pickled a jar of green tomatoes and a jar of pearl onions. In a short while, I’ll be pickling some beetroot, too. That was one of our impulse purchases today. On almost every stall, this morning, there they were. Usually, they look like the muddy roots that they are; stalks and leaves removed. But today, they were in their prime, sat pert and proud on their tables, washed and crimson; young stalks and crisp green leaves with purple veins shooting from the plump bulbous roots. Handsome bouquets of beetroot. How could we not buy some?

December Fethiye Photo-a-Day Countdown

And photos of the day? Well, let’s stick with the foodie theme. Yesterday’s was an Instagram photo of the ladies cooking gözleme at the Friday Fethiye market. We can never tire of gözleme while shopping at the pazar!

Gözleme Ladies At Fethiye Friday Market

No nonsense gözleme

And today’s photo; well a short while back, we wrote about Baba Fırın; a new bakehouse in Fethiye. They’ve got themselves into the New Year festive spirit and are selling kurabiye in various festive guises. We loved these little treats in stockings that they shared on their Facebook page this morning – so we shared it to our Turkey’s For Life Facebook page, too. Guess where our last minute little Christmas treats are going to be bought from…

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