Fethiye: Sunny Winter Sundays Along The Kordon – Our Favourite Time Of Year

There are sights in life that are special – and the photos we’re showing you in this post demonstrate what is special for us. 11 years living here and the kordon (the promenade along Fethiye seafront) just keeps getting busier and busier…and it really is a lovely sight to witness. Even after 11 years of living here, we’re still ‘wowing’ as we meander and mingle through the crowds between Fethiye centre and our house. And that’s why today’s blog post is dedicated to Fethiye kordon.

Fethiye Kordon, Turkey

There weren’t this many people at the Fethiyespor match!

You see, today, Fethiyespor played their last home match of 2014 against Körfez Iskenderunspor and the kickoff was 1:30pm. A truly glorious sunny December day – actually very warm, too – and all was perfect. We were happy to spend our Sunday afternoon at the stadium supporting Fethiyespor – sunny days are always more than helpful for these situations – and then, at 3:30, after a Fethiyespor win (hallelujah), we set off to walk back home.

Fethiye Promenade, Turkey

Promenaders along Fethiye harbour

If you know Turkey, you’ll know Sundays are family-playing-out days and, of course, a bit of winter heat in the sunshine is always going to encourage more people to leave their home to make the most of the great outoors. And we do love the kordon on Sundays because it’s always so busy with promenaders and those sat at restaurants, enjoying the seaside. But today, when we left the stadium to walk home…wow!

I’ve taken so many photos along this section of the harbour on winter Sunday afternoons and it’s always been crowded…but not this crowded. That’s kind of confirmed when Barry does a, “Whoa, this is the busiest I’ve ever seen it here. How many people?!.” And maybe these photos don’t convey that – I tried to hold my camera at different angles but the sun was dazzling so we couldn’t see properly.

Fethiye Harbour, Turkey

Winter Sunday along Fethiye kordon

But when people ask us, “Do you get bored of Fethiye, will you ever leave Fethiye, are you settled here,” it’s scenes like this that just fill us right up, and overflow us with ‘ahhhhh, Fethiye,’ feelings. Scenes like this; this is part of our Fethiye. Part of our Fethiye that we love – and that, even after 11 years, we still ‘wow,’ at.

Don’t forget, this is no special outing we’re sharing here. All we’re doing is walking home. Yes, we need to get away and travel around sometimes – we all need a change of scenery, atmosphere and culture occasionally – but that makes Fethiye our home; that place we’re always glad to get back to (like when we returned from Izmir) when that break away is over…

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  1. How fun to see this area grow and grow and grow. 🙂 There’s nothing like a happy, bustling crowd on a gorgeous day to lift the spirits. 🙂

  2. . . I’ll give you that, as towns go Fethiye is pretty darn good. Still prefer the colourful chaos of country life, though. Glad you are enjoying your life – that has to be the most important thing 😀

  3. Beautiful photos.

  4. There was so much heat in the sun on Sunday and Monday , it was impossible to stay indoors. I guess everyone else felt the same too.

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