2014 – Eating Fethiye And Some Other Highlights, Too

We’re well into December now so we think it’s about time we looked back at what 2014 brought for us. We like these posts because we have to go back through the archives and look at the blog posts we’ve done throughout the year – they throw up lots of, “Oh yeaahh, awww forgot about that, that was lovely, oh no do you remember that when we…”

Usually, we do a Fethiye highlights post, a foodie post and then a travel post but this year is a little bit different because we’ve done monthly Fethiye roundups throughout 2014 and, when we looked through the archives, we’ve done quite a lot of eating a drinking around town this year. So Fethiye and food are combined for 2014 and you’ll see why when you read on.

Fethiye & Food Highlights Of 2014

January was the month we once more delighted in the simple pleasures (sometimes, simple is best) of our local bakery by writing about the different ways we like to use their super-long, freshly baked lavaş bread. Well, there’s only two of us in our house. We need to be creative to make sure we’re not wasting and binning food.

Turkish Food - Lavaş Bread Pizzas

Getting creative with lavaş bread

As you can see in the photo, we’re quite partial to concocting little pizzas – and you can read more here about our uses of lavash bread. And, on the subject of eating out, it was all very simple in January. We sampled and loved the balık ekmek at Anacığım; the boat that overlooks Ördek Adası (Duck Island) in Fethiye.

Yeah, yeah, we know we were ridiculously late to the party with this one – but at least we finally made it to that party. We’ve eaten there too many times to count, but had never sampled the liver dürüm at Mozaik Bahçe Restaurant for some bizarre reason. We were immediate converts, wondering what on earth had taken us so long. One of the best dürüms we’ve had? Very possibly…

Liver Wrap, Mozaik Bahçe Restaurant, Fethiye

Ciğer Dürum at Mozaik Bahçe

It appears from our archives that we didn’t eat out anywhere in March…but never fear because there is still a foodie link. We went along to the official opening of the new Fethiye marina. In those photos, you can see the ‘Fethiye lighthouse.’ Well, it’s actually a cafe in the shape of a lighthouse and, a few weeks ago, that cafe opened as Reis. There’s an upper terrace where you can sit and look over the sea and we’ll no doubt get around to visiting…one day.

April was the month we tried the Turkish recipe classic tarhana soup for the first time – a definite highlight! And, after many years of not eating there, for no particular reason other than we just never made the effort, we plodded on up to King’s Garden Restaurant for a meal. Glad we did because we rediscovered a restaurant and returned again throughout summer.

Wow, where to start with May…

May was when we wrote about the brand new Hotel Unique in Fethiye. How well that went down, with our video slideshow of the rooms because I got too click happy with my camera. We also told you about our little mini sojourn to stay with friends at the all-inclusive Club & Hotel Letoonia. The food there, well, just fabulous!

Turkish Food - Adana Kebabı at Kebap Time, Fethiye

Adana Kebabı at Kebap Time

And we also kept it cheap and cheerful – and fantastically tasty – by trying out another of Fethiye’s new additions to the food scene, Kebap Time. Some readers went there from our recommendation and (thankfully) really enjoyed it – and even went back for more. It’s always difficult to recommend places because we all have different ideas about what make somewhere worth a visit; that’s why we’ll always keep this blog about our own experiences. You can decided from there whether a place is your cup of tea or not.

In June, we wrote about our visit to Kardeşim Mantı Evi. Mantı is a classic Turkish dish and we loved the mantı here. Another visit is due…

Mantı at Kardeşim Mantı Evi, Fethiye, Turkey

Mantı at Kardeşim Mantı Evi

And of course, the Fethiye weather is just starting to really up the tempo towards high summer temperatures in June, so this was the month we also found ourselves at the Surf Cafe in Koca Çalış.

We love to eat at lokantas – a kind of canteen atmosphere and, more often the not, super tasty, homemade Turkish food that rarely fails to hit the mark. In Çalış, we’ve always struggled for somewhere like that to eat…but Mehtap Lokantası, where we ate again in July, is open all year. They don’t have the dishes in the bain maries but the food is always good there.

In August, we wrote about our visit to Fethiye’s new shopping centre, Erasta AVM. A shopping centre is never really going to grab our imagination (although we do love the architecture of the building) but housed within Erasta is Turkish coffee shop chain, Kahve Dünyası. Iced coffee on a hot summer’s day? Yes, please!

Ahhh, September. We wrote about our little Fethiyespor favourite: köfte ekmek (meatball sandwich). Match day just isn’t the same without it.

Sunset From Babadağ Mountain, Ölüdeniz

Sunset From Babadağ

And September was the month we finally made the trip to the top of Babadağ as part of the music performances in remembrance of cellist, Benyamin Sönmez. Not a bad place to view the sunset from…and, we’ve got to say, one of the real highlights of 2014 for us.

October is the month my dad usually makes a visit to Fethiye…and he usually wants to eat a big steak, too. He pays of course (part of birthday and Christmas presents), so we suggested Mancero Kitchen to him as we still hadn’t tried it. Mmmm, Mancero steaks are definitely up there!

And of course, there was another definite highlight of 2014 when Türk Yıldızları performed their airshow in Çalış. That post just also happened to be our 1000th blog post.

November was the month we had a ridiculous downpour of rain in a very short time and the centre of Fethiye flooded. While that had everyone talking, we also managed to eat great kebabs at Iskele Restaurant and we also had lovely gözleme at Denizatı Restaurant – well, we have gözleme at Denizatı quite often…but this was the month we decided to write about it.

Baba Fırın Cafe & Bakery, Çalış

Baba Fırın – Respect For Bread

And November was also the month we made a visit to the new Baba Fırın Cafe and Bakehouse in Çalış. That is, and will be, a regular for us now, when we’re in the neighbourhood. It’s just a nice place to sit, we’ve since tried the doughnuts (they work) and the latte’s good, too. Simple things…

And the final month of 2014. December was (and is) the month when we wrote about sad endings and new beginnings at the Sundial. And just to cheer us up from that one, the rear garden room at Cafe Cafe finally reopened after refurbishment. With a new menu to boot, it’s a big welcome back from us!

It’s not until you go back to recall a year, like we’ve done here, that you realise how much you cover in 12 months. In Fethiye, we’ve certainly covered a lot of ground. All the places mentioned above are listed on our Fethiye Eating & Drinking page along with lots of other suggestions, too. Our next blog post will look back over travels around Turkey that we’ve written about over the year…

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