Oh Christmas Tree… December Photo Of The Day

Don’t you just love technology when nothing goes according to plan… We do love our social media. And I do marvel at how you can connect everything together. Of course, in our house, I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any of this connecting together. That’s Barry’s department – and it’s a department I have no desire to delve into for the pure reason that my brain just doesn’t comprehend logical, or technological, thinking.

Anyway, the ‘logic’ in our little social media world is that when we add a photo to our Instagram profile, it automatically goes to our Twitter profile and, should we so wish, we can send it off to our Facebook page, too, all simultaneously and all in the click of a button. Ohh, how lovely. How clever! Except today, I clicked the Facebook option and the December photo of the day should be on our Facebook page right now…but it’s not. Who knows where it is, eh?! Floating about, somewhere out there in cyberspace no doubt. Technology…!

But not to worry. These are the types of things that you hope just right themselves at some point, and it means we get to share today’s photo directly to the blog, too. This is it:

Turkey's For Life Christmas Tree

Our renkli Fethiye Christmas tree

Yes, for photo number 10 in our December photo-a-day, we’re getting festive in Fethiye. The Christmas tree is finally up in the Barry and Julia household. And it’s an odd one this year. We’ve been forced to go a bit old school retro because we needed some new lights for the tree. I’m very particular about my tree – red, green, gold and plain lights with a soft glow.

“Have you got any plain lights,” we asked the shop guy in the best Turkish we could muster up for a fairy-light-and-Christmas-tree conversation. (Not the sort of subject that pops up in ‘Teach Yourself Turkish’ books.)


All that effort for a simple ‘yok’ of an answer. That’ll be a no, then. We could have gone to look at other shops, but it was getting late…we wanted to go home…we wanted to put the tree up…so we just took the box he was offering to us. Renkli (multi-coloured) lights it is.

And, as you can see, these ‘renkli’ lights do anything but match the red, green and gold theme of the tree. But do you know what; it’s Christmas so we don’t care. Whatever setting we have them on, there’s always a period of silly-speed flashing going on at some point – completely unnecessary for a small living space. They dominate the room. We like them.

Way back in 2010, we wrote a blog post about Christmas in Fethiye. We’ve got a (year on year) growing Çalış Christmas Fair to help with the festive feelings but these are some of the other reasons why we choose to be in Fethiye at Christmas.

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  1. Fabulous tree! As camp as, well, Christmas 😀

  2. Love it! Funny enough, our first Christmas in Istanbul in 2010, we couldn’t find lights anywhere. I ended up at an electrician-type store and also “renkli” lights that flashed! 😉

  3. I think I’ll stick this picture on the wall as it looks like we won’t be putting ours up for a while.

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