Fethiye And Valentine’s Day – Just Sharing The Love

As it’s Valentine’s Day – or should we say, Sevgililer Günü – we thought we’d pay homage to the day by showing just a smidge of what’s going on around Fethiye.

Valentine’s Day In Fethiye

Valentine’s Day was almost non-existent in Fethiye just a few years ago, but, these days, if there’s a ‘day’ to be celebrated or acknowledged, the town is all over it. So, if you’re in Fethiye, and you’re pondering what to do with yourself today or tonight, there’s a few ideas here for you. And if you’re not in Fethiye, well, it’s just a little picture for you of how we’re rolling on through Valentine’s Day in Fethiye.

Obviously, there’s going to be loads going on around town. These little mentions are just places that are on our radar, either via Facebook or because we’ve noticed posters in windows as we’ve been wandering around.

Valentine's Day, Fethiye

Deep Blue, Denizatı, Cafe Park Teras and Fethiyespor

In Fethiye, for those looking to go out tonight – well, it is Saturday night, after all – Deep Blue have acknowledged Valentine’s Day with a couple of posters on the wall and a Bailey’s display. So, for those who are rolling their eyes and wishing today was just a normal day, Deep Blue could be a good bet…they like low key in that place. There’s live music on at Deep Blue every Saturday, too, so tonight should be no different.

Cafe Park Teras has live music on tonight, too. Live music and ridiculously good views of Fethiye all over the bay and down the harbour. The good thing about Valentine’s Day being on a Saturday this year is that people are going to be out on the town anyway. It’s just that there might be a few extra love hearts knocking around – but you can pretend they’re not there if you’re not feeling the love.

And along the harbour, Denizatı Restaurant have a special Valentine’s menu for tonight for just 45 TL per head for five courses and some music thrown in, too. Bargain! Matisse and Boğaziçi are also displaying their love hearts, too, for those who fancy eating along the seafront.

And even the Fethiyespor store have been in on the act, too. Well, as Fethiyespor’s logo is a loveheart anyway, it’s crying out to be made the most of for today, isn’t it? For the last few days, up to today, they’ve had a 20% off all winter goodies offer on…and winter isn’t finished with us yet, in Fethiye, so no doubt lots of items have been snapped up.

Valentine's Day Goodies At Baba Fırın Cafe, Çalış

Baba Fırın Valentine’s goodies

In the general Çalış area, we’ve noticed two places where Valentine’s Day is obvious. Baba Fırın, near Cafe Pazar, have a Valentine’s Day display full of little cakes, like the one above, and biscuit treats, etc. They also sell loose chocolates where you can make up your own box – we sampled a couple yesterday. Soooo nice. Not a love heart in sight in Cafe Pazar, by the way, so if you need to run and hide away from it all, get yourself there.

Güven’s, at the far end of Çalış Beach, are doing a special Valentine’s night with a buffet dinner and entertainment and have already sold lots of tickets, so good luck to them. Looks like a lively night in store, there…

And Valentine’s Day in Fethiye doesn’t have to be all about couples – nah, it’s just about spreading a bit of love around town. We won’t be taking part in any of the above – well, we had coffee and chocolates in Baba Fırın yesterday but that was just a sunny Friday afternoon thing – because we stay at home to cook. Barry’s turn this year. Fish pie on the menu so we’re off the fish market shortly to buy some seafood ingredients.

And, as I type, we’ve just found out that there is a concert happening between 12 and 4 this afternoon at Beşkaza Meydanı – the town square. All free. See, it’s not all about parting with cash, is it? Think we might have a little mosey on up to the square to see what’s happening there…

So, whether you’re all loved up, or you’re just spending the day as a normal Saturday, allow us to send some love to you…

Sevgililer Gününüz Kutlu Olsun!

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  1. Turkey seems to have gone Valentine mad. On the same day I saw a headline in the newspaper saying that unmarried couples holding hands in the street was sinful. Crazy mixed up or what.

    • Wow, me and Barry are very sinful, then, along with lots of other people in Fethiye. Yeah, the Valentine’s thing is crazy isn’t it. Fun to watch, though. Our local restaurant was absolutely heaving – not just with couples but with whole families, too. It’s just an other celebration. 🙂

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