A Postcard From Antalya

Greetings from Antalya. As usual, when you go away somewhere, your feet don’t touch the ground and you don’t get to do what you fully intended to do. Today’s plan, for example, was to tell you all about quite possibly the oddest race we’ve ever watched – the ladies high heel race that took place this morning as part of the Runatolia 2015 events. Anyway, loads of photos and a video from that…but we can show you those when we have more time to reflect on what we have actually witnessed. Stilettos and running…

So, since we arrived, we’ve been on a grand tour of Antalya…that’s me in the driver’s seat trying to negotiate one-way systems that always seem to be in the opposite direction to where we want to get to. All good fun. We’ve managed to book a budget hotel that is perfectly situated on the edge of Kaleiçi (Antalya’s old town), it’s very budget, and it’s perfectly good for our needs. We’re happy and comfortable and will definitely use here again next time we’re in Antalya. So that’s another up and coming blog post…

Cloudy Antalya Old Town

A cloudy looking Antalya

We’ve revisited bars we’ve acquainted ourselves with on previous visits, such as Filika, and we’ve also stumbled across a new one (for us) that we’ve fallen for quite a lot. ‘Stumbled across,’ is an apt phrase for Kaleiçi because it took us a while to find the bar again last night after we’d seen it in the daytime. So many streets and alleyways and, before you know it, whatever sense of direction you thought you possessed is blown out of the window. And of course, we’ve done what you absolutely must do when in Antalya – we’ve had köfte and Antalya Usulü Piyaz. Just yummy…and that’ll be a blog post, too.

Tomorrow is the main Runatolia 2015 day when the marathon, half marathon and 10km runs take place. We had to go to Terra City shopping centre today so that Barry could pick up his bib number and t-shirt etc – and so we could watch the ladies high heel race, of course. As we came back, we got off the bus a couple of stops early just so we could walk back along the sea for a while and up through Kaleiçi. This photo is from that walk this afternoon. As you can see, we have got sunshine but the clouds just look ready for bursting.

Tonight, we’ll go to eat out for my birthday and then we’ll be sensible and come back to the hotel at a good time so that we can get up for the run tomorrow…and so that Barry is in a fit state to do the run, too! So far, the weather forecast hasn’t been to accurate. Sunshine predicted for tomorrow and we’re really hoping it’s accurate this time for all the runners taking part. In last year’s Runtalya, life was so much easier for everyone because the rain held off.

We’re updating regularly on Twitter, adding photos to Instagram and updating on our Facebook page, too, using the hashtag #TFLinAntalya, so if you use social media, you can keep more up to date with all things Antalya there. Of course, there’ll be other blog posts to follow, too and just from a day and a half here, we’re full of stories to tell you. And our little break isn’t only half way through…

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  1. Heels and running sounds hellish. 🙂 But that top photo is pure gorgeousness. Love the light. 🙂

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