Springtime Walking In Fethiye – Blossom, Views & Instagram

We’ve been talking about springtime a lot on our Facebook page over the past few days – and you can’t really blame us for our joy and excitement about this, can you, after the winter weather we’ve had? Yeah, we’ve still got rain and storms – quite a meaty one, in fact, just a few nights ago that me and Barry got absolutely drenched in as we walked back from Fethiye with no coats. We’ll learn one day…

Anyway, let’s get back to this lovely spring weather. The temperatures are picking up, we’re seeing blue sky on a regular basis, the blossom is out and the wildflowers have kicked into action, giving us a vibrant splash of colour against the greens and blues of the pine trees and the Mediterranean. This is the sort of weather that you want to be out wandering in for no other purpose than just to relish in the change of season.

Aksazlar Beach, Fethiye

Aksazlar Beach, Fethiye

We could have gone exploring – there are loads of walks around Fethiye that we haven’t even done yet – but, a few days ago, it wasn’t about exploring. It was just about throwing a few olives and a bit of cheese in a tub, filling a water bottle and setting off for a stroll around Oyuktepe. We decided we’d also do a few Instagram photos en route – we’ve got a bit of an obsession with recording Fethiye on Instagram at the moment and, for this post, all the photos (apart from the photo above, of course) are from our Instagram profile. The photos were taken and posted live as we walked…

Because it’s so long since we’ve been for a good wander, we decided to walk from home, making it a decent 12-mile leg stretch. We’ve written about the route of the hike around Fethiye peninsula in the past, if you want to take in the views for yourself, sometime. The road follows the contours of the hill known as Oyuktepe – and the views…well, every time we walk around here, we stop and sigh at the beauty of the views.

Aksazlar Koyu (above) was so tranquil. A couple of guys painting the fence ready for the beginning of the summer season and a few people having picnics. It was almost tempting to stop right here and sit on the shingle shoreline with our cheese and olives and just let the sea lap around our feet. But we’d come out to walk…

While fresh new shoots of greenery herald spring, it’s got to be blossom that gives us that happy feeling inside. We have mimosa trees in front of our house and they’re just starting to get their blossom buds on them now. Around the peninsula last week, though, the trees were bulging with sunburst yellow blossom. Views of Fethiye we’ve seen so many times before were, all of a sudden, vistas through the plumage.

Yes, we’re walking along a tarmac road when we skirt around this hill in Fethiye but the climbs and the drops with the constant view of the Mediterranean and the gulf of Fethiye…the tarmac is easily forgiven. We stopped for a few seconds just to watch the guy in this boat. He was enjoying his springtime afternoon in tranquillity, and who can blame him?

Such a pleasant sunny day, not too much of a breeze…we were all getting a little bit sunkissed.

Ahhh, and more springtime blooms. These wildflowers are prolific around Fethiye at this time of year, and, again, this is a view back over to Çalış that we know so well…but don’t the spring blooms just add a pleasing aspect to what is already a perfect scene? These flowers won’t be here again in a few weeks, but it doesn’t matter. Spring and new beginnings are what it’s all about…and we’ll be well into the new season the next time we’re here to enjoy the scenery. It’ll still be just as beautiful…just different.

There was only a bit of traffic that passed us as we walked – mostly young couples in cars or on scooters, looking for the best vantage point to stop and take in the scenery while whacking their music up to full volume.We had quite a variety of music on that day. All lovely to see though; they were there for the same reason we were. It’s spring and we’re all loving it.

After the final descent to sea level at Boncuklu, there’s the last final push; a steep climb up to the junction between the forest road we follow for the hike to Kayaköy from Fethiye, the road to Hillside Beach Club and the road back down towards Fethiye. This is very welcome, not just for these views over the harbour and across the bay…

…but also because you’re so high up. Your legs are aching. Even if you started at the Marina Vista Hotel, you’ve walked nearly 8 miles by now and you could do with a little rest. It’s all downhill from here, winding steeply down the road, the view of Fethiye keeps you going, the sounds of the boatyard become louder…and when you get to the bottom a few minutes later, you can jump on the dolmuş to take you back to town.

We’re still right at the beginning of the clues of springtime in Fethiye. Last month, it was the beautiful almond blossom in our front garden. This month, we’ve seen a creeping rise in temperatures and the first mimosa blossom…and in just a few weeks, we’ll be enjoying these floral scenes of Kayaköy in springtime. As usual; lots to look forward to. A life without seasons…it just wouldn’t be the same, would it?

We add at least one photo each day to our Instagram profile and, where relevant, they’re all geotagged so you know where they were taken. If you’re as Turkey-obsessed as we are, come and join us – Follow Turkey’s For Life on Instagram.

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  1. In Australia we call that yellow flowering Mimosa – Wattle. Wattle is the common name for Acacia and I just googled it and evidently Acacia is one form of Mimosa! The harbour view is gorgeous by the way 🙂

    • Well it’s funny you should say that because we had to d a lot of research to find out what this flower was – we’re not very good with plant life. 🙂 We couldn’t get past acacia for a while but we knew that didn’t look quite right…so we plumped for mimosa. 🙂 And yeah, Fethiye harbour is a special place. 🙂

  2. Lovely! Very envious of your sea views! We’re probably a month behind in blooms, but at least temps are 10/12C now and the trees are starting to bud out. Spring is always one of my favorite seasons! 🙂

  3. Great photos, are they taken on your phone. I’ve given in the pressure and opened an instagram account but don’t know what I’m doing. What are the #s

    • Some were taken on my phone and some with my camera. We love Instagram – it’s really easy and fun an you don’t need to think about it too much. We know you’re on there as we followed you back so we’re waiting for your pics from around Bodrum. 🙂 You don’t need to use hashtags (#s) if you don’t want. They just work like search terms so other people can find your photos. Hope you get some pics on soon. 🙂

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