Turkish Breakfast With Tam Tahıllı Simit…That’s The Healthy Bit

One of the great things about writing this blog over the last few years is we can see how we’ve changed over time. It’s a stream of thought so if we change our mind about something, that’s okay. And, for part of today’s post, we are once again returning to that staple of Turkish foods, the simit. We’ve gone from really not seeing what all the fuss is about with simit in this post (written in 2010) to apologising to the sesame seed-covered ring of breaded loveliness in 2012 where we conceded and admitted we were actually big simit converts.

A late, leisurely Turkish breakfast these days is just not the same without a simit…and a few other goodies besides, too, of course. A couple of weeks ago, we saw this photo on the Baba Fırın Facebook page showing their new simits, tam tahıllı simit – not a ring of white bread covered in sesame seeds but a ring of brown wholegrain bread covered in various seeds and grains. See, these days, we actually get excited about simit – and this tam tahıllı simit looked like something a bit different to add to the breakfast table. This week, we’ve had a friend staying with us so it was the perfect excuse to make a little trip to Baba Fırın bakehouse to get some breakfast goodies, including the tahıllı simit…

Tam Tahıllı (Wholegrain) Simit From Baba Fırın

Tam tahıllı simit (wholegrain simit)

So, in order not to feel too guilty about indulgence in lots of Turkish breakfast treats, I had a bit of a brainwave. Barry was going out for a run and I was going power walking. Baba Fırın isn’t particularly local to us, so it was a case of kill-two-birds-with-one-stone. On with the trainers and I power walked to Baba Fırın. Burning off the calories we were about to consume makes perfect sense, right?

And it’s just as well I power walked really, because while our wholegrain (tam tahıllı) simit is perfectly healthy, walking into Baba Fırın in breakfast hours holds temptation…and I gave in to temptation.

Su Börek, Baba Fırın Bakery, Fethiye

Cubes of su böreği adorning our breakfast table

We do love our börek and su böreği is a particular favourite. There, on the tray behind the glass counter, were two squares of su böreği. Still warm…and the final two pieces. Layers of yufka (the large thin circles of pastry used to make Turkish börek dishes) with white cheese nestled between the folds of pastry and a crisp topping. Well, they couldn’t just be left there, could they?

Oh, and then there were the other treats, too. Pain au chocolat was looking at me, as were croissants; chocolate-filled and plain. These are the types of foods we never consider buying, usually, but when you’ve got friends staying… a little croissant or two would be a nice addition wouldn’t it? But, well, let’s not go too overboard. I plumped for plain croissants over chocolate and, breakfast goods purchased, I power walked my way back home.

Croissants, Börek & Tam Tahıllı Simit

Croissants and börek to compliment the tam tahıllı simit

We cut the börek up into small squares and sliced the croissants so that we could all enjoy little bits at our leisure. As for the tahıllı simit, they got the same treatment as our usual simit purchases; cut into quarters and sliced through the middle. Bite-sized pieces waiting for their various toppings.

Turkish Breakfast Table

Breakfast of tahıllı simit, börek and croissant

Olives, three different cheeses, süzme yoghurt, jam, honey, nutella and chocolivia (an interesting mix of olives, orange and chocolate all blended together to make a low-calorie spread). Our breakfast table was looking abundant and, indeed it was abundant…for a short while, until we’d eaten our way through most of it. The börek and croissants were completely polished off whilst the tam tahıllı simit, lovely as it was, defeated us, eventually. These simits are big and they’re filling! Not to worry, though. It made a reappearance on the breakfast table the following day and soon disappeared.

“Great idea. You can do the breakfast shopping every time you go power walking now,” said Barry.

Think I might just take the exact money for the simits in future so that temptation doesn’t get the better of me…unless we’ve got the perfect excuse of friends for breakfast, that is…

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  1. Love Turkish breakfast and this is a yummy spread! Enjoy and thanks for sharing with us 🙂 Ozlem

  2. Yum! Who’d want to eat a bagel after trying a limit?

  3. I can’t wait to try wholegrain simit. I bet tahini or Turkish kasar cheese would go so well with it. Thanks for sharing wonderful tastes…

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