Yeşil Asma Yaprağı – Simple Lokantas Are The Best

When it comes to fast food, Fethiye is just packed with choices of where to fuel your belly quickly and cheaply for the day ahead. And nooo, we’re not talking about the big international famous fast food chains. (Although there are a number of those too these days). We’re talking about Turkish fast food. No nonsense nosh that is actually real food. Knocked up by the guys or the women behind the counter of their local business. Yeşil Asma Yaprağı is one such place…

The fabulous, and always busy, İksirci Tezcan will do you a great tost and fruit juice that’s certainly not going to cost you the earth. Popeye’s Fish Boat does a substantial and very tasty balık ekmek (fish sandwich). You can grab a simit or poğaça at the Fethiye institution that is Hello Büfe or a kebab or burger at Yengen in Paspatur. Loads of places.

But fast food in Fethiye is not just all about kebabs, burgers and toasties. We’re also blessed with lots of lokantas, too. Those places where you can just walk inside, look what’s on offer for today in the bain marie, choose your dish and have it brought to your table. Some lokantas have a huge choice such as Seçkin Restaurant opposite the otogar and then others will just have a few options on offer. But whatever the case, we’re talking cheap, wholesome goodness.

Yeşil Asma Yaprağı, Fethiye

Yeşil Asma Yaprağı is another example of a lokanta that has never failed to disappoint. You just can’t go wrong.

Fehiye Restaurant - Yeşil Asma Yaprağı

Yeşil Asma Yaprağı, Fethiye

Yeşil Asma Yaprağı (Green Vine Leaf) is homed in the same place that used to be another Fethiye institution; Kral Restaurant. There was a big, gaping hole for a while in this area of Fethiye as the building was closed for renovation and we all waited eagerly for the reopening of Kral – delicious, cheap Turkish lokanta food. In the meantime, Yeşil Asma Yaprağı had opened just across the way but in a much smaller home. There was only room for a few tables and, every time we walked past, it was always full.

Life After Kral

Well, clouds and silver linings and all that. After deciding not to reopen Kral (the brothers are busy running other businesses such as Denizatı Restaurant & Bar and Seahorse Beach, amongst others), the initial disappointment was quickly washed away when Yeşil Asma Yaprağı moved into the bigger space that was Kral…and a bigger space has brought more people. The first time we went was one lunchtime and the place was packed – inside and outside – with people on their lunch break and the food was flying out. Great, just how a lokanta should be!

İçli köfte & Rice, Yeşil Asma Yaprağı Lokanta, Fethiye

İçli köfte and rice at Yeşil Asma Yaprağı

This is a true lokanta where you never know what food is going to be on offer when you arrive. This place is famous for its yaprak sarma (stuffed vine leaves – hence the name of the lokanta?) but there were none available on the day we went. A vegetarian dish, a chicken dish and a köfte dish…and a huge tray of içli köfte. Mmmm.

Ekşili köfte

There was a queue, people coming in and out – and the women behind the counter needed to know what we wanted, now. No time for messing around. Ladles were plunged into the steaming food vats and brought out again to give us a close up of our potential choices. We both went for the same. Ekşili köfte (tiny balls of minced meat in a sour sauce), a portion of rice between us (I only remembered to take the photo when we’d eaten some – there was more than there looks in the photo above) and an içli köfte each.

So, we’d said what we wanted and we grabbed the last vacant table outside. Now, somehow, our food order that we had given to the ladies behind the counter was remembered, served up, given to a waiter – and said waiter then had to know who we were and find us at our table – don’t forget, the place is packed.

Ekşili Köfte, Yeşil Asma Yaprağı, Fethiye, Turkey

Ekşili köfte at Yeşil Asma Yaprağı

But that’s lokantas for you…and, somehow, within a couple of minutes, we had a table filled with a jug of water, basket of bread, rice, içli köfte and a steaming bowl of a Turkish classic dish, ekşili köfte. Balls of minced meat, cubed potato and carrot in a stew that just begged to be mopped up with lots of fresh bread. Just perfect! So satisfying, filling and comforting…and cheap. We thought they’d counted the bill up wrong at first (in our favour), until we went through each item on it!

Anyway, it’s great to have a busy lokanta back in this location. So, now, Yeşil Asma Yaprağı is another regular go-to on our list of regular go-tos…

Yeşil Asma Yaprağı – Useful Info

  • Yeşil Asma Yaprağı is on the pedestrianised Dispanser Caddesi where Kral Restaurant used to be.
  • Food choices change on a daily basis – there was a vegetarian option on the day we went. As well as ordering from the bain marie, there’s also a few options such as a pide menu and mantı.
  • Expect to find Yeşil Asma Yaprağı – and other lokantas – very busy at lunchtimes.
  • Some lokantas in Fethiye are open 24 hours. Yeşil Asma Yaprağı closes in the evenings at around 9-10pm.
  • If you’re in Fethiye on a budget, lokantas like Yeşil Asma Yaprağı are ideal for filling up on wholesome food for a cheap price. We paid around 20 TL between us for our lunch.
  • For other suggestions of Fethiye restaurants and bars, check out our Fethiye eating and drinking page.

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  1. Those ladies thighs look so tempting. Pity the Turkish take away restaurants sons here only serve pizza.

  2. When I moved back to the UK for 12 years, I missed my regular lokanta lunches so much.

  3. Love Fethiye says:

    Can you give me some directions from the Dolmus station near the big Mosque please?
    It looks a ‘must visit’ place.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! 🙂
      Walk down from the dolmuş station and cross the road, keeping the mosque to your left. Turn left there and then cross the main road at the crossing. Turn left and then keep walking along the main road (this is Atatürk Caddesi) towards Fethiye centre. After around 80-100 metres, take the turning to your right into the pedestrianised area. This is Dispanser Caddesi. Yeşil Asma is down this street on the right hand side. If you google Dispanser Caddesi, you’ll see it clearly. It’s only a few minutes walk from the dolmuş. Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. John ,& Judy says:

    Hi. We are a retired American couple newly arrived in FeThiye for a few months. Where is a good place to socialize and meet English speaking people tonight (Friday) or tomorrow night.
    Thanks for any reply.

    • Hi Judy

      Hope you don’t mind, but we removed your email address from your comment then you don’t get lots of people emailing you. 🙂 If you are in Fethiye for a few months, Yeşil Asma Yaprağı doesn’t have a lot of English speaking people but there are lots of bars and restaurants that do, mainly around Çalış. It depends what you like doing. Lots of groups on Facebook. Do you use Facebook, at all? We can give you some links, if so.

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