Happy 6th Blog Birthday To Us

Well, 6 years ago today, we were sat in the house doing nothing in particular and, on a whim, I looked up blog templates online, opened one up and started to type a very first blog post. Barry said, “Let’s call it ‘Turkey’s For Life,'” and 6 years on, we’re still typing and photographing and videoing! Pretty amazing really.

November is also another anniversary, too. November is the month we moved into our house in Fethiye – that was 12 years ago. That old cliche of ‘where does the time go,’ is a cliche for a reason because it’s definitely true. At least we can say we pack a lot into that time, though…

6 Years Of Blogging

As we’ve changed over the years, so has the blog, but we still focus on our daily life – living in Fethiye, learning about Turkish food and recipes – and we love to travel, too, when finances permit. We like to think we’re pretty good at budget travel, though, so we do get to wander a bit.

The Blog

Since that first blog post on that free template, we grew the blog on our own, Barry learning all the tech side of things as we went along. Eventually, the time came where we’d done as much as we could with the old template, there were lots of other things we wanted to do that weren’t possible, and so, in April of this year, we moved over to our new look and updated the design to reflect us, now.

Turkey's For Life Logo

We wanted red – and a bit of fun, too

And, since then, we’ve gone through a good few inevitable hiccups and come out the other side – lots of things are still so new for us – but we’ve also started to work on all those things we wanted to do. Some of you may have noticed, whilst others are actually not visible – all the stuff that goes on in the background that goes way over my head but makes the blog function. That’s Barry’s job!

The visible bits though, we just love them!

  • For email subscribers: Most recently, just this week, we changed our email subscription provider so that everything functions and looks much better. If you’d prefer to receive our blog posts to your email inbox so you don’t miss out on our very random musings, you can subscribe here. It’s completely free!
  • Our recipes: All new recipes, such as our recent Kapuska, Turkish Cabbage Stew recipe, are now in a recipe box so that they’re easy to follow, share and print. And we’re very particular when it comes to our little extension of ourselves – this blog – so we’re also going through old recipes and updating them with the recipe box, and better photos, too. We can’t help ourselves. And, as you’ve probably seen, too, Barry’s created this great Turkish recipes page which makes all of our recipes easy to find because they’re all in one place.
Kapuska Turkish Cabbage Stew

All Turkish recipes on our page have their own photo to make them easier to find

  • Fethiyespor: Sport, music and food – important to our lives and in bringing people together, we think. Anyway, Barry created a separate section for Fethiyespor on the blog which we love – and if you’re not a sports bod, it means you don’t have to look at it. If you are a sports bod, though, you can go into our separate section to read about Fethiyespor, view the current league table and Fethiyespor’s scorers and also look at past results and future fixtures for the season.

Turkey’s For Life & Social Media

As for the tech side of things, you don’t need us to tell you nothing stays still for long in the world of tech – and we try to keep on top of things as much as possible. Since we started blogging 6 years ago, social media has mushroomed and we’ve made as much use of that as possible – everyone is different, and, for some bloggers, social media is just something they feel they ought to use.

Guess we’re lucky in that respect because both of us will quite happily do updates, comment, upload photos, share information we find out from elsewhere. Social media, for us, is a natural extension to the blog and we love it, too…and, bonus, we’ve also made some great friends as a result!

So, at the moment, if you’re a social media fan, as well, you can find us at these places:

Woo, that’s a lot of places isn’t it, when you see it listed like that. We might dip our toes into other areas of social media in 2016, but we’ll see… More than enough to be playing with for now.

Living In Turkey

Suppose 12 years is quite a long time isn’t it and we’ve certainly seen a lot of changes – and, in the expat sense of things, we’ve seen a lot of people come and go, too. We have a strong dislike of the word ‘expat’ – but the reasons for that could be a dissertation in itself – but, for us, we’re just two people who happen to love Turkey and are very settled living here.

Fethiye Harbour Gülets From Dedeoğlu Hotel

We blog daily life in Fethiye…and other places in Turkey, too

As we come to the end of 2015, we all know the world is far from a settled, happy place right now but you can read and listen all about that via your choice of media outlet. With regards to Turkey, you’ll no doubt be fully aware that some of this bad news will be exaggerated and irresponsible and some will, unfortunately, be very true.

As far as our blog is concerned – and a lot of other blogs in Turkey, too – we’ll be contining to do what we’ve always done and cover our daily life, and the people in it, in Fethiye and elsewhere. Because that’s important, too.

We know we always say it, but whether you read all of our posts, some of them, or you just drop by occasionally, it still amazes us that so many of you do. Great big thanks and çok teşekkür ederiz and happy blog birthday to us…well, we’re allowed to be self-indulgent on our birthday, aren’t we?

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  1. Six years and still going strong. That’s some achievement. Congratulations and well deserved!

  2. well done guys – still fresh and lively!

  3. Congratulations, I hope your achievement is appreciated by the Fethiye Belediyesi.

  4. Congratulations!! I love your posts and things you share. 🙂

  5. Brilliant! What an achievement for both of you in every sense! The blog is marvellous and the way it’s organized makes me gasp! Barry is obviously a whiz! Here’s to many more of your lovely posts!

  6. Many many congratulartions, what an achievement; you are such an Ambassador for Turkey and your love and passion for this special land shines through, Elinize saglik, such a pleasure to get to know you too 🙂 x

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