Baba Fırın Cafe, Taşyaka – Where Local, Regional And International Snacks Meet

Every morning at approximately 4:30am, the lights of Baba Fırın Cafe in Taşyaka are switched on and the ovens heated. It’s still dark outside as owner Cem stacks filled trays into the heat of the ovens; loaves, ciabattas, baguettes, simits, croissants and the super tasty su böreği. Once baked, the displays are set up. At 6:30am the doors are opened and the Taşyaka branch of Baba Fırın is open for business for the day ahead…

Baba Fırın Cafe, Taşyaka

Breakfast time is busy here so everything needs to be ready. Because this is not just a bakery selling breads, cakes and pastries to pop-in customers.

Baba Fırın Taşyaka

The Taşyaka branch of Baba Fırın

The Taşyaka branch opened in 2016 – two years after the original Baba Fırın opened in Çalış – and was being run by long-time employee, Cem. A recent decision to make Baba Fırın into a franchise setup saw Cem really take over the reins in Taşyaka. And, even though we’d been to visit a few times previously, we just had to go again. A celebration of the new era.

A Varied Menu In Taşyaka

A celebration of the new era because we know Cem – of course we’re going to go and say hi and show support. But also because the Taşyaka branch menu is continually growing and evolving. We’re fans of savoury over sweet, and, as well as all the sweetie treats, Baba Fırın Taşyaka is now packed with savoury joys – international foods, and, more importantly, foods of the traditional Turkish variety.

International Menu

Homemade Baba Fırın Cheeseburger

Homemade burger on a homemade bun – can’t go wrong

If you’re fancying something of the more international variety, the Taşyaka cafe has quality homemade burgers and pizzas. Traditional pizza bases or crispy ciabatta. There’s a range of pasta dishes and a sandwich menu with familiar favourites; when you’re in the mood, you can’t go wrong with a good old tuna sandwich! But how about a croque monsieur croissant for a change?

There’s more besides, of course, and the sandwich menu is still growing. More to be introduced soon. And if you’re off to the airport and don’t want to paying the hefty prices there, takeaway sandwiches from Taşyaka Baba Fırın are already a popular option. A 6:30am opening time is handy if you have an early start.

Turkish Favourites

Last time we visited the Taşyaka branch, we opted for pizza and burger, just to see how good they would be. With meat from from the Çarıklı Et crew and Baba Fırın burger buns, the burgers were always going to get a thumbs up. The pizza was great, too. On our most previous visit, we decided to go Turkish, and, it being winter, took ourselves off to sit inside!

Inside The Taşyaka Branch

There’s a nice feel to the inside of the Taşyaka branch

It’s nice in here. Tables and chairs line the floor to ceiling windows along one edge of the cafe. The counter, topped with jars of herbal teas lines the other edge. This is where the coffees, fresh fruit juices and other refreshments are prepared. At the far end is the bakery and display where the pop-in customers go to choose their bread, sweet goods and pastries. Village eggs are available, too.

Taşyaka Branch of Baba Fırın

Smart and cosy at the same time

At the opposite end of the cafe is where we sat. It’s all very smart but cosy at the same time. We were there for a cafe snack but it felt more upmarket than that. Still relaxed, though. These are not usually the types of places where you see Turkish classic dishes on the menu – certainly not regional Turkish classics.

The Taşyaka Branch On Instagram

Baba Fırın Cafe, Taşyaka on Instagram

Baba Fırın Cafe, Taşyaka on Instagram

It’s really a cafe after our own hearts. Follow the Taşyaka branch on Instagram – especially the Instagram Stories – and you will be tempted by so many of their Turkish dishes; the familiar and the perhaps not so familiar. It’s doing something different. Happy days!

You will be tempted by these dishes on numerous occasions throughout the day because Cem is always updating the Instagram Stories. I can never resisit clicking into them. It’s great marketing – tempted us to jump on the dolmuş up to Taşyaka anyway. And even though we looked through the menu when we got there, I already had a rough idea what I was going to order just from the photos on the Instagram account.

Sucuklu Yumurta

A late lunch of sucuklu yumurta

All Day Breakfast Dishes

Breakfast doesn’t have to be eaten at breakfast time, does it? Barry opted for Turkey’s famous – and delicious – breakfast dish, sucuklu yumurta. Slices of spicy sucuk fried with two friend eggs. Perfectly cooked fried eggs. It was served with slices of fresh bread and there was lots of yolk and juices for dipping!

Kavurma Love

My choice was a bit more ‘lunch-like.’ Eating tost is a popular pastime in Turkey but I was keen to try this tost in Taşyaka; kavurmalı tost. We love çoban kavurma served in the mountains above Fethiye but when a dish is described as ‘kavurmalı,’ it means the meat is ridiculously tender. So tender it almsost melts. Lighthouse in Çalış does a fantastic kavurmalı pide which I often order. Can’t go wrong with a tost, surely.

Baba Fırın Toastie

A Baba Fırın kavurmalı tost

I wasn’t disappointed. Velvety meat and melted cheese in hot toasted bread. Baba Fırın bread, of course. A simple side of sliced tomato…oh, and I just had to order a portion of chips. Bravo to Baba Fırın Taşyaka – they serve homemade chips!

Turkish Flavours At Baba Fırın Taşyaka

So what of these other Turkish treats? Well, the Taşyaka Baba Fırın has become a bit of a one-stop shop for those who want to sample as many dishes as possible. If there’s a few of you, it would be great to order a selection so you can munch your way through some of the flavours of Turkey.

In our guide to Turkish food, Turkish breakfast was voted number 1 by our readers. As you can see in the Instagram screen shot above, you can get a tasty Turkish breakfast at Baba Fırın Taşyaka, complete with the homemade chips. Yes, this is traditional. Apart from sucuklu yumurta, other egg dishes include traditional menemen as well as kavurmalı yumurta and pastırmalı yumurta. (Pastırma is the cured beef also used for paçanga böreği.) In a bay at the end of the outdoor seating area, you can watch traditional gözleme being made – and of course, you can order it, too.

Muhlama At Baba Fırın

Cem demonstrates the muhlama

When we spent time in Eskişehir a few years ago, we were told to make sure we had çibörek; a famous Tatar dish. Well, you can now also eat çibörek at Baba Fırın, Taşyaka. All made by the same lady doing the gözleme. Let’s take you to Izmir, now, where it is famous for boyoz. Give that pastry a try in Taşyaka Baba Fırın, too.

Anyone For Muhlama?

And then there’s the dish being displayed by Cem in the photo above. This is a famous Black Sea dish called muhlama. I have to say, I have been itching to try this dish for many years, purely out of curiosity. But on this visit to Baba Fırın, it was January. Trying to be a tad healthy and all that. It gets cold in the Black Sea regions and they need their comfort food. Muhlama is a piping hot dish of butter, milk, cheese and corn flour all mixed and melted together. Pure comfort food – and one to try next time.

Thanks to Cem for providing the final photo for this article. 

Baba Fırın Cafe, Taşyaka – Useful Information

  • Baba Fırın Cafe, Taşyaka is on Baha Şıkman Caddesi in the Taşyaka area of Fethiye.
  • The cafe is open from 6:30am til 9pm in winter. 6:30am til 10pm in summer.
  • Cem is working on the menu all the time so keep a look out for new additions.
  • As well as the savoury foods, breads and pastries mentioned in the post, Baba Fırın Taşyaka also serve a wide selection of baklava, muffins and other desserts. 
  • For refreshments, there is a range of hot and cold drinks including freshly squeezed orange juice, herbal teas and coffees.
  • If you have a special occasion coming up, you can order speciality birthday/wedding (etc) cakes.
  • As well as the Instagram account linked to in the article, you can also like the Baba Fırın Cafe, Taşyaka Facebook page
  • The Taşyaka branch of Baba Fırın is on our page of places to eat and drink around Fethiye and surroundings.

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