Fancying A Beer And A Burger? Kovuk Pub, Fethiye Can Sort You Out

So much choice when it comes to eating a drinking around Fethiye. One of our current favourites is a new addition to the scene; Kovuk Pub Burger & Snacks.

Over the past few years, the Dispanser neighbourhood of Fethiye has had a huge facelift and once rickety buildings – some on the verge of collapse – have been replaced with new constructions which are now home to hotels, apartments, shops, watering holes and eateries. Kırçiçeği Cafe and Yeşil Asma Yaprağı are located in this area.

Kovuk Pub – Burger & Snacks

Kovuk Pub is housed in one of the new buildings that forms the boundary of Dispanser and enjoys views over Beşkaza Meydanı (the town square) and the bay beyond.

Kovuk Pub Burger And Snacks

Kovuk Pub overlooks the town square in Fethiye

It’s nestled in nicely along a row that also has a (very well known) coffee chain, toastie cafe, seafood restaurant, börek cafe and cute lokma cafe where you can dip your lokma into all manner of chocolate flavours and fresh fruits and ice cream.

All in all, this little area is a really pleasant place to while away a few hours, people watching.

The stretch attracts workers on breaks, shoppers taking a drink or snack break, teens meeting up with friends. And, of course, evening diners and drinkers.

Kovuk Pub, Fethiye

Kovuk Pub can hardly be described as huge

A Great Stop Off

We’d probably put ourselves in the ‘shoppers’ category because Kovuk Pub has become our little stop off before we walk home from town with whatever it is we’ve bought.

It’s an impossibly tiny place yet the friendly owners have still managed to nudge in space for quite a few covers. But it doesn’t feel cramped because you’re looking out over the town square and along the whole row, as well.

The Owl Mascot

Kovuk Pub’s mascot is always on display

Why Kovuk?

And that brings us onto the very apt name of this little pub. Kovuk means ‘cavity’ or ‘hole’. Kovuk Pub’s wood-carved mascot is an owl sitting on top of a tree bark. Just below is a cavity in the tree where baby owl sits, being watched over.

Kovuk Pub, itself, feels like a small cavity – this place is amongst the smallest of the units along this row of businesses. And it feels all the better for it.

It’s The little Things

So what is it that brings us back here on a regular basis? Well, it’s always the little things, isn’t it?

Beers & Nibbles

Drinks are served with nibbles of nuts and pickles

With each beer you order, you also get a bowl of pickled gherkins and a bowl of peanuts. The peanuts are sweet and sometimes still warm.

The gherkins are just so lovely and tangy! We love these pickles! They never last longer than a few minutes…and then another bowl arrives.

We never say, “Shall we stop off at Kovuk Pub,” anymore. We both know what we mean when we say, “Shall we go for beer and pickles?”

Check The Beer Menu

As well as the regular beers that you see for sale in Turkey, Kovuk Pub also has a few international beers and local brews on its menu, too. They’re all reasonably priced.

Of course, there’s hot drinks (they do a great coffee), soft drinks, milkshakes, smoothies and other alcoholic tipples, too.

The Kovuk Pub Burger

But this is Kovuk Pub, Burger & Snacks. We couldn’t neglect the burger situation, could we? So, yes, that has been sampled. How on earth they manage to produce any edibles at all is a wonder when you see the size of the inside of the pub. But they do.

Kovuk Pub Burger

We’ll definitely have a Kovuk Pub burger again

And they do it well. You’re not coming to Kovuk Pub for a gourmet slap up meal. You come here for pub snacks to go along with your drinks.

The burger is served with cheese, mushrooms and roasted red peppers and the chips are shaped with a hollow all the way along. Great for scooping sauce, as one friend pointed out!

More Snacks

If burgers are not your thing, there are toasties, pasta and the like on offer. This is by no means an extensive menu – just burger and snacks, as it says in the name of the pub.

And that’s why we like Kovuk Pub. It’s small, simple and no nonsense.

And if you’re someone who likes to make your lira stretch a bit further – don’t we all – the couple who own Kovuk Pub also do monthly offers. Follow them on Instagram and their offers are displayed regularly on their Instagram Stories.

Kovuk Pub – Burger & Snacks: Useful Information

  • Kovuk Pub is in the row of businesses that line the edge of Beşkaza Meydanı (the town square) in Fethiye.
  • They are open all year – daily in summer – from 10am.
  • On Sundays, Kovuk Pub only opens at 4pm.
  • As well as beers and burgers, there is also a wide a range of drinks and snacks available, too, including cakes and coffees.
  • You can follow them on Instagram and also like their Facebook page.

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