Eating & Drinking In Fethiye

Whatever your budget, there are many types of places to eat & drink around Fethiye. As well as traditional Turkish dishes & famous Ottoman dishes, you will also find street food, kebabs, tost & pide - along with some great lokanta-style food. International restaurants serve a variety of world cuisines - and, when it comes to drinking, you'll find speciality coffee places, pubs & bars all over town. Take a quick taster of some recent articles about eating & drinking in Fethiye below - or visit our full page of Fethiye Restaurants & Bars...

Çarıklı Et Restaurant, Fethiye – Everything But The Moo…And The Baa

To all of our fellow carnivorous fans of Fethiye out there, this post is (mainly) for you! There are oodles of places to eat around Fethiye, serving all manner of international and Turkish dishes, whether they be meat, seafood or vegetable. Some restaurants serve a happy mix of everything. And we need that, of course. […]

Kukina Caferia, Fethiye – A Bit Of Urban Mediterranean In Town

Young people introducing new places and business ideas. That’s what we really love to see in Fethiye – and Kukina Caferia is one of those ideas. A couple of years ago, the beginning of this story would have a been slightly more difficult – trying to explain to you where Kukina Caferia actually is in […]

Aroga Bar & Lounge, Fethiye – Chilling Out With Marina Views

Aroga Bar & Lounge: Ahh, we just love it when there’s a new bar on the scene in Fethiye…especially when that bar is a terrace bar. Well, when Fethiye is just packed with fabulous views, why not aim high and get a bar up there so that we can all drink in the scenery as […]

Lukka Cafe, Restaurant & Bar – Another Taste Bud Tempter Along Çalış Beach

There’s a bit of a back story to the Lukka Bar Restaurant & Cafe scenario, so we guess we should start there, really. You see, Lukka is this bar/restaurant that’s been there, sat at the end of the main stretch of Çalış Beach for quite some time. Five years, actually, when we asked owner, Aydın, […]

Lighthouse Restaurant – Simple & Colourful Dining Along Çalış Beach

Lighthouse Restaurant Pide and Pizza, Çalış Beach – a new one for us. Springtime always sees us trying out new places. Why? Because… The mild winter has meant that Spring has sprung early in Fethiye and, whenever that happens, it’s nigh on impossible for us to walk along Fethiye harbour or along the kordon of […]

Seçkin Restaurant, Fethiye – Lokanta Dining Heaven

The traditional Turkish lokanta – one of life’s great eating pleasures! And, fortunately for us, Fethiye has a good few lokantas to choose from where you can go and fill yourself up on any combination of comforting, homemade Turkish dishes at prices that don’t make your eyes water when you ask for the bill. One […]

Kırkpınar Restaurant – Good Mountain Village Grub

As you know, if you read this blog often, when we have friends or family over to visit in winter, we’re quite partial to a little drive up into the mountains beyond Üzümlü to Kırkpınar. This is especially fun in the winter months because you can sometimes be thigh-deep in snow. But it doesn’t always […]

Seafood Meze At Denizatı Restaurant – Easy On The Bread!

This is a post for seafood lovers everywhere. Turkish meze is, for us, the best way to eat – small portions, some of which arrive to the table over a period of time so as not to fill you up too quickly. Leisurely dining at its best, where food, conversation – and often alcohol, too – blend together to […]

Zentara Beach & Kitchen – Chilling …And Eating!

“I remember when all this was fields.” How many times have I rolled my eyes while my dad has said that to me as a kid, pointing at some random buildings before us? “Who cares,” I would think, as a Kevin-The-Teenager youngster. “There’s something there now. I don’t remember the fields. Not bothered.” And now, […]

Güven’s Bar & Restaurant – Our Take

Creatures of habit, that’s what we are… We’re always wandering around the Fethiye area trying out places we’ve never been to before – and some we go back to every now and then. And then there are those places where it’s just a given that, in between visits to all those other beaches, bars and […]