Puff Pastry Strawberry Tart Recipe – Success From Failure

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Well, actually, this is the story of a plan that didn’t come together. But then, from that, a lovely little accidental strawberry delight was created. This is how we came to produce our little Turkish breakfast sweet treat, puff pastry strawberry tart. Or, to give […]

Egg Muffin Recipe – A La Turka-Style

A couple of Christmases ago, we decided we’d have a go at making our own mince pies, which involved purchasing a non-stick muffin tray. The pies worked out well…and, since then, the muffin tray had sat on top of the kitchen cupboards looking a bit lonely and sorry for itself. Well, we never really cook […]

Eggy Bread – Perfect Brunch Comfort Food

We’ve no doubt all had those situations where we’ve not been able to go food shopping for whatever reason and as a result, there aren’t a lot of ingredients in the house to inspire any sort of extravagant brunch. This usually happens to us when we’ve got friends over to visit and days are spent on the beaches of […]

Turkish Recipes: Çintar Mushrooms On Toast

While it sometimes gives us a bit of a shock reminder that another year has passed, the cycle of nature also has a certain reassuring quality, especially when it comes to seasonal food in Turkey. Bar freaks of weather, our favourite seasonal produce appears and disappears from the Fethiye markets pretty much as we expect […]

Turkish Seasonal Food: Nectarines

Have blog, will post! This feels quite strange as we’re used to sitting on the sofa in the comfort of our own home, creating blog posts. You may have noticed we’ve been quiet for the last couple of days and that’s because Turk Telecom are ‘doing works’ which have involved our neighbourhood being minus an […]

Turkish Recipes: Spinach With Eggs – An Ode to Spinach

We arrived in Turkey as non-spinach-lovers. Well, in the UK, we had bought the odd bag of baby spinach leaves from the supermarkets just because we knew spinach is exceptionally good for you – and because it was the ‘New Cool’ to have baby spinach leaves in your salads. I can’t say either of us […]

The Turkey’s For Life Giant Mixed Tost!

Tost: You can’t come to Turkey – at least the west of Turkey – and leave without sampling tost. Tost is a big, tasty toastie and the Turks do a mighty fine tost! It’s not two tiny slices of bread with a delicate filling and a dainty side salad (unless you’re in an eatery trying […]

Turkish Food – Another Menemen Recipe

A couple of days ago, we went to Çalış with the aim of going to the Golden Moon Hotel pool for a swim. When we got there, there was a lovely, cool breeze so we just ended up sitting round the bar and having a chat with the staff there as we hadn’t seen them […]

Turkish Food – Menemen (Scrambled Egg n Veg)

The first time we came to Fethiye on holiday and heard about menemen, we thought it sounded disgusting. The first time we saw menemen, we thought it looked disgusting. But, the first time we tried it – oh, it’s good! Menemen is traditionally a breakfast dish but we add a little ‘extra’ and eat it […]