A Recipe For Sour Chicken Soup – Ekşili Tavuk Çorbası

In Turkish cuisine, there are groups of dishes where a particular type of sauce or pastry might be used as the base, but then the fillings can vary. Olive oil dishes are an example of this – on the blog, we’ve got a recipe for okra in olive oil, or you can make green beans […]

Tarhana Soup – The Ultimate In Turkish Recipes?

Many Turks will be amazed that we managed to live in Turkey for over ten years before we had our first ever taste of what is perhaps Turkey’s most well known soup; Tarhana Çorbası. When we did finally make tarhana soup, I put this on my Facebook profile and on Twitter. “Noooo waaay,” was one […]

Turkish Recipes: Broccoli & Potato Soup

We do not like to eat cold Turkish broccoli meze dishes all the time,
particularly in winter, so this week we experimented with a broccoli and
potato soup. Here is the recipe…

Turkish Recipes: Sebzeli Uskumru Çorbası

It’s the perfect time of year, here in Fethiye. Pleasantly sunny, but not baking hot, and the nights are getting cooler, aiding a more comfortable night’s sleep. It’s trekking weather – and it’s cooking weather. We know autumn has well and truly kicked in for a lot of you who are reading elsewhere in Turkey […]

Turkish Recipes: Şehriyeli Domates Corbası

Anyone who knows Turkey will know that çorba (soup) is a staple of Turkish cuisine, and while there are some Turkish soups that might prove a challenge (I’ve never enjoyed a bowl of brain soup for example), others, such as ezo gelin çorbası, will be some of the best soups you have ever tasted. Another […]

Turkish Recipes: Balkabağı Çorbası (Pumpkin Soup)

Most people know about the Fethiye market that happens every Tuesday; Salı Pazarı. But, there is another, lesser-known, lower-key market that is on at the same site every Friday. This is a simple farmers’ market and we prefer this Friday market over the Tuesday market for two reasons… First of all, it’s quieter. But, the […]

Turkish Food – Courgette Soup (Kabak Çorbası)

It’s tenuous link time again – does a meal become Turkish food if it’s made with Turkish ingredients? Well, we’re having it anyway, and maybe some Turkish people do make courgette soup…it’s just not one of the more well known Turkish soups. Anyway, we love our soups and as the Fethiye weather is cooling down […]

Turkish Food – Yeşil Mercimek Corbası (Green Lentil Soup)

Way back when, we did a post on the main types of çorba (soup) you see in the lokantas of Fethiye. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, çorba is always on the menu in Turkey, and it’s on the menu at our little abode quite a lot, too. Yesterday, I made yeşil […]

Turkish Food – Ezo Gelin Çorbası

Food is our favourite subject so I’m going to write the recipe for the lovely Turkish food that is Ezo Gelin Çorbası (spicy red lentil soup). I’ve been making ezo gelin soup for a few years now. As usual, I started off following Turkish recipes in books and it’s gradually changed to how I make […]