Ankara To Erzurum By Train: Part 1 – The Doğu Express

It’s May 2013 and, so far on our journey, we’ve travelled from Fethiye to Eskişehir by bus and spent three nights in the city, taking in Odunpazarı (the old town), Kent Park and the Porsuk River. Of course, we had fuel stops at a few bars and cafes in between, too. Eskişehir was the Türkiç […]

Ankara Is Not Dull. It Can’t Be; It’s A City!

Imagine if a city was a person with real thoughts and feelings; we think of cities like this all the time because they’re such complex beings. There’s always so much more to discover than what you first come face to face with on that initial greeting. Over time, you get to know each other and […]

Eski Ankara: Mooching Around On The Roof Of Turkey’s Capital City

So, what have we told you thus far about our (too) short time in Ankara last May? A quick recap: It was a quick stopover while we waited for our train to take us eastwards to stay with a friend. Ankara’s a big city and to say we didn’t really have our bearings on arrival […]

Remembering Atatürk: Why Our Visit To Anıtkabir In Ankara Wasn’t Quite What We Expected

Today is the anniversary of the death of founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He passed away in Dolmabahçe Palace at 9:05 am on this day in 1938.  Anıtkabir – The Mausoleum Of Atatürk Atatürk’s mausoleum, Anıtkabir, is in Ankara, and you may remember, while we were there back in May, we were […]

Kayseri Mantısı – Relishing A Famous Turkish Food In The Heart Of Ankara

In a few weeks, we’ll have been writing this blog for four years…and it’s taken until now to write about a Turkish national favourite dish: Mantı. How’s that happened? That’s how life works out sometimes. And also, while we were in Ankara in May, we ate one of the best servings of mantı we’ve ever […]

Our Ankara Digs & Why We Just Had To Stay For One More Night

Have you got somewhere in the world that it is just your determination to visit one day? Our first visit to Istanbul was all back to front. We were there for five days and it was our third day before we even caught sight of Aya Sofya, Sultanahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque) or Süleymaniye Camii […]

Ankara: Yet Again In Turkey, Turkish Food Lifts The Spirits

Turkish food of almost all varieties is much loved by us – it’s just that sometimes it tastes better because of the circumstances we find ourselves in (remember when we were rescued by köfte in Istanbul?). You see, we were in a bit of a predicament when we were in Ankara in May of this […]

Eskişehir To Ankara By Yüksek Hızlı Tren – Yeah, We’d Do That Again!

We’re big advocates of Turkey’s intercity buses and travel on them all the time – hopefully, we’ll be on this Fethiye to Istanbul bus in November – but we’ve got to say, if there’s a train on offer, we’re there! We love us a bit of a train journey and we were excited when we […]

Eskişehir – A City Of Sculptures

All good cities need a smattering of fun or eye-catching sculptures to keep the passers-by entertained as far as we’re concerned, and Turkey does this form of street art very well. There’s not much we’d suggest for improvements to Fethiye…but a few random sculptures dotted around town would just put the icing on the cake. […]

Eskişehir: What To Make Of Şelale Park

Eskişehir really is a city that puts a smile on your face. Recreation seems to be the main mission here and having a bit of fun is taken seriously. There are sculptures all over Eskişehir city centre and the River Porsuk has been transformed into an attraction where you can sit in riverside bars such as […]