Cassino War Cemetery – Remembrance And Serenity

This was our second attempt at trying to visit Cassino War Cemetery where the Commonwealth servicemen who lost their lives during the fierce battle of Monte Cassino are laid to rest. In 2012, when we were last in Italy, we'd tried to find it then. Our friend's family home is in the area, close to … [Read more...]

Sperlonga Beaches – Blue Flags & Italian Snacks

Why do we love our blog title? Because it's us; it has numerous meanings - just one of which suggests that Turkey is most definitely our home. And, when somewhere is your home, that means you can wander off elsewhere for holidays, for little breaks, for travel, doesn't it? Sometimes we travel … [Read more...]

Cervaro, Italy – Small Town, Many Memories

Spring is in the air in Fethiye and, with the warmer temperatures, blooming annual tulips and a cacophony of drills, hammers, saws and angle grinders, thoughts turn to travel. It's a bit of a travel theme on the blog and our Facebook page this week, looking back on past wanderings and, at the end … [Read more...]

Remembrance Sunday: Looking Back To The Polish War Cemetery At Monte Cassino

How do you research before you travel somewhere new? Back in May, we went to Italy to stay with some friends. The family home is in the Cassino area of Italy, an area we had never heard of until these friends bought us a book, 'Monte Cassino' by Matthew Parker. Cassino was the scene in what is said … [Read more...]

Eating Italy – We Couldn’t Get Enough Of The Italian Food

A timely post, really. We're not going to write too much on this blog about what we got up to while we were in Italy in April / May of this year - after all, we are a blog about our life in Turkey. However, regular readers will be more than aware that we love our Turkish food. You probably also know … [Read more...]

San Pietro – Italy’s Ghost Village From World War Two

If you know Southwest Turkey well, looking at the following series of photos, you would be forgiven for thinking you were looking at shots of the ruins of Kayaköy near Fethiye. During our recent trip to Italy, our friend took us out for the day, and when we asked him where we were going, his … [Read more...]