The End Of May – It’s Fethiye Random Roundup Time

Yes, it’s very early in the summer 2015 season and already, we’re meeting ourselves coming back – due to general busyness and, also, because, well, we’re not the most organised people in the world. Any current goings on out of the general routine (which has been a gentle winter routine up until now) and we’re wondering what’s […]

(Fethiye) Mulled Wine Recipe – Christmas In A Cup

Freezing cold December nights in Manchester city centre – and all of them made toasty, comforting and festive by the sight of a series of wooden huts in the square, softly lit and packed with handmade goodies, European foods…and stalls with huge simmering cauldrons of spiced, hot, red wine. A small deposit paid for the […]

Turkish Beer: Efes Gusta Wheat Beer

Back in November we wrote about an interesting variation on the Efes Dark beer theme. That was no ordinary dark beer. That particular beer was Efes Dark Kahve Aromalı; a dark beer with a hint of coffee flavouring. It’s not a beer we could drink all night, but it’s definitely a good winter tipple and […]

Turkish Beer: Efes Dark…With A Coffee Twist

It’s fair to say that Turkey is not well known for its vast choice of beers. Browsing the drinks menu in any bar, you’re not going to be bamboozled with a bewildering display of new and interesting alcoholic beverages. These days, we don’t even bother looking at the menus because we always opt for our […]

Turkish Beer: Efes Pilsen

Picture the scene. You’re lazing on a sun lounger along Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz. It’s the height of summer with temperatures heading towards 100 degrees and the sun’s intense heat reflects off the pebbles on the beach. Perspiration and spray from the crashing waves leaves your lips dry and salty. There’s only one thing for […]

Rakı Night – Learning The Art of a Turkish National Drink

Rakı: a Turkish institution; the chosen tipple of millions of Turks; sampled by many foreign visitors to Turkey (with varying degrees of success); a clear, 40-45% proof aniseed-flavoured alcoholic drink; transforms into a cloudy, milky-white liquid when water is added; known to many as ‘lion’s milk’; known to us as ‘loopy juice!’ I’ve never been […]

Turkish Beer – Perge

As you know, we’re no strangers to the odd beer. We prefer to think of ourselves as beer appreciators; connoisseurs of the beautiful amber-coloured fizziness in a bottle. Whichever European country (or particular area of a country) we find ourselves in, we have to try the local beer. It’s a culture thing. When we travelled […]